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Nintendo Enters Mobile Market; Teases Next Hardware Release Dubbed “NX”

Apparently Nintendo decided that today would be the day that they break everything (in the best of ways, let me add). First, Nintendo announce that they

March 17, 2015 Industry, Mobile, Mobile News, News

Metal Gear Solid V Is This Fall’s First Blockbuster

Hideo Kojima has confirmed the release date for the installment for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hitting off the 2015 Fall rush of

March 03, 2015 News, PC News, PS4 News, Xbox One News
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These Non-Fighting Pokemon Should Appear in Pokken Tournament

Out of all the curious creations coming from the Land of the Rising Sun this year, one of greater ones is Nintendo’s recent trusting of

March 03, 2015 Features, Opinions, Wii U
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Indie Spotlight – Darkest Dungeon

I am a self diagnosed The Binding of Isaac addict. While my playtimes are eclipsed by the most dedicated of players, I still clock in

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Hunger Trailer Is Darkly Beautiful

At E3, Sony brought to light news of a dark new game called Hunger in development by LittleBigPlanet Vita developer Tarsier Studios. Largely swept under

February 26, 2015 News, PS4 News
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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is Dialing the Masses on March 10th

Hotline Miami was one of those indie games that hit the ground running and became one of the most well received indie games of the

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Kickstarter Launched for Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell

As soon as I saw that there was news regarding a game called “Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell” there was no going back. Right then and

February 25, 2015 PC News, PC/Mac
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The Last Guardian Trademark Dropped; Game is Still in Development Says Sony

Just so we’re clear, it kind of makes me cringe to have to be reporting the same article for the upteenth time. In the early

February 17, 2015 Industry, News
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Indie Spotlight: Sym

In the battle between light and darkness, a man named Josh is stuck in the middle. On one side, he has Caleb, a side of

February 11, 2015 Features, Indie Spotlight, PC News, PC/Mac
DyingLight2 Comments Off Review: Dying Light Overall Score

Review: Dying Light

Looking for somewhere to vacation this Summer? Man, have I got the place for you! Mark your calendars and book a hotel in beautiful Harran.

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Destiny to get “Major Content Release” This Fall

From when it was first announced, we knew that Destiny was going to be one of those games that tries to live on through various

February 06, 2015 Industry, News, Rumor
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Interview: Matt Kap Talks Castle In The Darkness, Isaac and More

While most folks may stick with The Order 1886¬†or Majora’s Mask as their most exciting releases this month, I have my eyes set on the

February 03, 2015 Features, Interviews, PC/Mac

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