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Mega Man Legacy Collection Announced

Mega Man is back in a big way. Today, Capcom announced that Mega Man 1-6 will be coming to Steam, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4 and

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Blast some Mavericks with Mega Man X4 and X5 Releasing on PS3, Vita Soon

Two of the best, in my opinion at least, Mega Man X games will be releasing on the PS3 and Vita pretty, pretty soon: Mega Man

August 29, 2014 News, PS Vita News, PS3 News
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An Entire Minute of Mighty No. 9 Footage is Right Here

Mighty No. 9 is an exemplary example of well known and famous gaming visionaries breaking free from their previous publishers to take on projects where

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Keiji Inafune Might Join with Capcom on Mighty No. 9? I’m Not Concerned

Very recently, praise and applause was to be held for Keiji Inafune and his new special project, Mighty No. 9, which recently closed its Kickstarter. Now,

October 12, 2013 Features, News, Opinions
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Me, Myself, and Mega Man

I could honestly say that if it wasn’t for the news that Keiji Inafune’s indie team, Comcept, was creating Mighty No. 9, I wouldn’t be

September 08, 2013 Features, Opinions
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All of Shovel Knight’s 8-Bit Bosses Have Been Revealed

People who have been paying attention to Yacht Club’s upcoming game, Shovel Knight, will know that they have been slowly revealing the games various bosses. As

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Two Announcements For the 25th Birthday of Mega Man

Today is Mega Man’s birthday if you didn’t know. Capcom’s famous Blue Bomber has turned 25 today and Capcom made a couple announcements regarding today’s

December 17, 2012 3DS News, 3DS/DS, News, PC News
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Mega Man X and the Unintended Timelines

[In the following article, I will be discussing a topic that will require me to reveal plot details about various Mega Man X games–specifically X5,

December 10, 2012 Features, Opinions
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Mega Man Makes a Return…But Not In The Way You’d Hope

This year is the 25th anniversary of one of video game’s most beloved characters: Mega Man (Rock Man in Japan). The first game featuring the

August 16, 2012 Mobile, Mobile News, News
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Mega Man and Pac-Man Coming Soon for Street Fighter x Tekken

Mark your calendars for March 13 because Mega man and Pac-man will be available for download via PSN for Street Fighter X Tekken. Street Fighter

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Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 Exclusive Characters Confirmed

We already knew about Cole and the two cats, but it looks like the thoughts we were dreading about the last Capcom SFxT video that

January 27, 2012 News, PS Vita News, PS3 News

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