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megamanx_chargebuster Comments Off on Me, Myself, and Mega Man

Me, Myself, and Mega Man

I could honestly say that if it wasn’t for the news that Keiji Inafune’s indie team, Comcept, was creating Mighty No. 9, I wouldn’t be

September 08, 2013 Features, Opinions
x_and_zero Comments Off on Mega Man X and the Unintended Timelines

Mega Man X and the Unintended Timelines

[In the following article, I will be discussing a topic that will require me to reveal plot details about various Mega Man X games–specifically X5,

December 10, 2012 Features, Opinions

Mega Man X Comes to Virtual Console Arcade

Beginning today the 1993 SNES classic game Mega Man X, can be downloaded for Wii via the Virtual Console for 800 points. Hundreds of years

April 18, 2011 News, Wii News

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