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Depression Quest As Played By Someone With Depression

Real talk: I do have issues with depression (as you may have already guessed from the title of this little article). As far as actual

August 17, 2014 Features, PC/Mac
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Who Else Could Be in Hyrule Warriors? I Thought of 10.

At this year’s E3, we were given a more in-depth peek at the upcoming spin-off Hyrule Warriors by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. While we already knew from

June 16, 2014 Features, Opinions, Wii U
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Keiji Inafune Might Join with Capcom on Mighty No. 9? I’m Not Concerned

Very recently, praise and applause was to be held for Keiji Inafune and his new special project, Mighty No. 9, which recently closed its Kickstarter. Now,

October 12, 2013 Features, News, Opinions
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Here is What’s Wrong With Lightning’s Sexual Objectification

I’m sure it’s no surprise anymore (news like this doesn’t stay out of the public eye for very long), but recently some bits of news

July 28, 2013 Features, News, Opinions
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I’m a Bit Disappointed in Arkham Origins’ Villain Choices

Yeah, I’m back and nitpicking Batman: Arkham Origins again (remember the last time?), but this time it has to do with villain choice. Not too

July 25, 2013 Features, News, Opinions
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Darkstalkers Entombed For Now, but Was It Really All About the Sales Figures?

A day where you find out a beloved franchise has been sent to the storage room to collect dust is always a sad day indeed

July 23, 2013 Features, Industry, News, Opinions
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Artdink is Developing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z? Perhaps That’s a Good Thing

Making the gaming news circles lately was the reveal that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, a new fighting game of our dearly beloved DBZ franchise,

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Just a Thought: The Problem Isn’t Ubisoft’s Franchises, But How They Handle Them

In one of the slightly bigger news recently, Ubisoft revealed in an interview that they would not start any future IPs unless they knew that

July 19, 2013 Features, Opinions
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Pokemon X and Y Trailer Shows New Mechanics, Pokemon

As we approach Pokemon X and Y’s release date, new information is slowly trickling out on the sixth generation of Nintendo’s monster catching role-playing game.

July 13, 2013 3DS News, 3DS/DS, News
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The Pessimistic Optimist: Could The Evil Within Be a Breath of Fresh Air for Horror Games?

The Evil Within was revealed back on Thursday, April 18, if you had been living under a rock. Originally known as “Project Zwei”, the game has

May 01, 2013 Features, Opinions
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Assassin’s Creed IV – What I Hope to See

So, the next Assassin’s Creed game has been unveiled and I’m sure that there’s a mix of people running the line from pure, unadulterated excitement to a

March 11, 2013 Features, Opinions
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Game Pessimism: Resident Evil’s Future

Recently, as many already know, Capcom made an announcement  in which they stated that they were finally listening to feedback from the fanbase. Eurogamer has a nice

February 05, 2013 Features, Opinions

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