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What Does Capcom Have in Store For You at PAX Prime 2013?

August 30 isn’t that far away and I’m sure all you Capcom fans are wondering what they’ll be doing at this upcoming convention. First things

August 28, 2013 News
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New Digimon Masters Event Centered on the Arrival of T.K.

You remember T.K. from the Digimon anime. He had Patamon, a winged bundle of fluff that spat bubble attacks and wasn’t really threatening. That is until Patamon

August 28, 2013 News, PC News, PC/Mac
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Ubisoft Reveals Their Video Game Spread for Comic-Con

Ubisoft will be present at Comic-Con in San Diego in a couple weeks and they’ll be coming with some of their more anticipated and upcoming

July 02, 2013 News
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Namco Bandai to be Present at Anime Expo With Games in Tow

Heading out to Anime Expo this week? The convention will be taking place from July 4-7 at the LA Convention Center. Namco Bandai will be

July 01, 2013 News
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The Digital World is About to Get Darker with the Release of Daemon in Digimon Masters

Have you been wanting to make the Digital World a bit more darker for all those who reside? Well, you may get your wish as

June 25, 2013 News, PC News, PC/Mac
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Sega Coming to E3 With Five Titles in Tow

Along with many of the other video game companies that will alight the floors of E3 2013, Sega will be hanging around as well and

June 07, 2013 E3, News
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Digimon Masters Opens Up New Server, Beezlemon

Starting today, Digimon Masters will add a third server known as Beezlemon. This will be the first server opened in a year and, as such, there will

May 07, 2013 News, PC News, PC/Mac
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The Boston Festival of Indie Games Launches Kickstarter

For the second year in a row, MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies are putting on the Boston Festival of Indie Games. What is the

April 25, 2013 Industry, News
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Capcom Will Have a Slew of Activities Ready at PAX East

Presiding in Booth #948, Capcom will be bringing with them a number of games, playable demos, and some other events this weekend on PAX East.

March 22, 2013 News
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Visit Two Namco Bandai Panels at Wondercon This Month

Will you be heading out to Wondercon in Anaheim, CA at the end of this month? Namco Bandai will be there and they’ll have a

March 15, 2013 News
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Make Your Vote for the Third Annual Playstation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards

Well, we’re at the time again when gamers of the Sony systems can go online and cast votes for some of their favorite titles released

February 19, 2013 News, PS Vita, PS Vita News, PS3, PS3 News, PSP
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Win a Free Game from Capcom-Unity

Capcom-Unity is prepping itself for an upcoming promotion. Starting as of yesterday and going until the end of the year, Capcom-Unity will give away a free game

February 12, 2013 News

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