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Mr. Freeze To Be the Focal Point of Story DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins

Seems like winter is never going to end… DC All Access released a new episode today and one of the special little announcements that they

February 25, 2014 News, PC News, PS3 News, X360 News
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Batman: Arkham Origins Will Not Receive Another Patch, Fans Not Happy

The issues with Batman: Arkham Origins is well known and documented. You can read it all over the internet, from blogs to the community forums

February 10, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS3, PS3 News, X360 News, Xbox 360
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Nintendo Gives Money Back For Cancelled Wii U Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass

Those who purchased a Wii U season pass for the Batman: Arkham Origins will have a $20 credit waitiing for them in their Nintendo eShop

January 31, 2014 Wii U, Wii U News
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You Tried, Arkham Origins: Five Things To Be Considered for the Next Batman Game

Batman: Arkham Origins came out on October 25 and let’s just say that the reception has been all over the place. Some people think it’s A+

November 04, 2013 Features, Opinions
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Review: Batman: Arkham Origins

  While most people would prefer dreaming of sugarplums dancing on Christmas Eve, Batman prefers to head out in his Batwing to beat the crap

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“I Am the Night Mode” Can Place Batman in Permadeath, DLC Details

Didn’t think any of the Arkham games were hard enough? Batman: Arkham Origins will now sport a mode called “I Am the Night” which will test your bat-skills

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Gamescom Trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins Reveals Firefly

As if the trailer released today at Gamescom for Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t badass enough, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment also gave us a new assassin Batman must

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We Finally Get Some Video Footage of the Multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins

Multiplayer for Batman: Arkham Origins has been known for awhile now, but the general populace of gamers didn’t have any idea as to what it may actually

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I’m a Bit Disappointed in Arkham Origins’ Villain Choices

Yeah, I’m back and nitpicking Batman: Arkham Origins again (remember the last time?), but this time it has to do with villain choice. Not too

July 25, 2013 Features, News, Opinions
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Did the Arkham Timeline Become “Unhinged” by Arkham Unhinged and Arkham Origins?

For many Batman fans, including myself, this October is a time for rejoicing because a new Batman video game will be hitting the shelves called Batman: Arkham

July 15, 2013 Features, Opinions
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[E3 2013] Black Mask really wants The Bat dead in this Batman: Arkham Origins trailer

Sony’s E3 conference has just housed the latest trailer for Warner Bros. upcoming and highly anticipated prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins. In this video, menacing villain

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Full Trailer and Pre-Order Programs

Last week, Warner Bros. released a little teaser trailer for their upcoming release, Batman: Arkham Origins. The trailer showcased a pretty epic battle scene between

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