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Microsoft is Ringing In Xbox One’s First Year with Limbo…and TV Shows.

One year has passed since Microsoft launched their brand new console, the Xbox One, filling up store shelves for gamers to purchase. Sure, the system

November 22, 2014 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Just Cause 3 Won’t Launch with Multiplayer, says Developer

One of the biggest reasons Just Cause 2 had such a long run as it did was because of the fan made multiplayer mod. The

November 18, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Halo: Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Patch Pushed Back

If you’ve been one of the many gamers frustrated at the inability to join online matches while playing Halo: The Master Chief  Collection then good 

November 18, 2014 Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Rare Developing “Uniquely Rare” Game

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is keeping fans on the edge of their seats as he tweets about a “uniquely Rare” game currently in

November 16, 2014 News, X360 News, Xbox One News
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Plans For Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 3 Revealed

Anyone playing Assassin’s Creed Unity has run into many an issues with the game since it’s release. Ubisoft has already released two patches for the

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Destiny to go Offline on November 13th for 4 Hours

Guardians, lend me your ear. Bungie has announced that they will be taking Destiny’s servers offline on Thursday (November 13th) for a time period of

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Just Cause 3 won’t be Free-to-play, won’t have Microtransactions

The fact that Just Cause 3 was just announced yesterday and there has already been so much controversy regarding the title really speaks to just

November 12, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Bloodborne Delayed into March 2015

The gaming world let out a giant collective *lesgh* earlier today as From Software announced that instead of releasing in February 2015, Bloodborne will hit

November 12, 2014 PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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First Gameplay Trailer for Tekken 7 Introduces Two New Characters

Fighting fans were floored when Tekken 7 was announced a couple of months ago. With a new fighting game in a major franchise like this,

November 12, 2014 PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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ESRB Rating for Resident Evil Revelations 2 Hints at Barry Burton as Playable

This is something that Resident Evil fans have been debating and rumoring about for awhile now, but the ESRB rating for Resident Evil Revelations 2 has pretty

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Want to Know Destiny’s Upcoming Updates? Bungie Has a List

Bungie took to the task recently and released a full list of the updates that you can expect for their recent game, Destiny, over the course

Mass Effect 4 Concept Art Comments Off

Halo 4 Writer Taking On New Mass Effect

BioWare has introduced a bit of new blood to the Mass Effect team. Joining the ranks is the newly announced lead writer Chris Schlerf, who secretly

November 09, 2014 News, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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