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Review: History of the World (iPhone)

The Mustard Corporation has published a game that they categorize as an educational title. Costing $1, the History of the World for the iPhone, iTouch,

December 08, 2010 Reviews

Review: Scarlett and the Spark of Life (iPhone)

Launching Pad Games have come out with an interesting point-and-click adventure game for your iPhone and iPad that is the first in a series of

December 07, 2010 Reviews

Review: Splatterhouse (Xbox 360)

The original Splatterhouse came out in arcades back in 1988 and while it wasn’t a ground-breaking beat ‘em up title, it did gain a cult

December 06, 2010 Reviews

Review: inviZimals (PSP)

  Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your game could go beyond the screen? Well, using augmented reality Sony has introduced

December 02, 2010 Reviews

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