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PS3 Owners Have Access to Playstation Now… Right Now

The Playstation platform-wide streaming service Playstation Now has been recieving largely mixed feedback. It is well deserved, as the service continues its open beta, now

September 18, 2014 News, PS Vita News, PS3 News, PS4 News
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See Tons of The Evil Within Straight from TGS

October is a big month for horror fans. Aside from Halloween, survival horror legend Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within will be launching as one of

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Samurai Warriors 4 Gets New Info and Trailer from TGS

For those not sick of the propelling of Omega Force developed Warriors style games into the mainstream, Koei Tecmo’s Samurai Warriors 4 is just around the

September 18, 2014 News, PS Vita News, PS3 News, PS4 News
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Bloodborne Gets Release Date and Collector’s Edition Details

Over in Tokyo, tons of games of eastern origin are getting their fair share in the limelight at TGS. Perhaps the one with some of

September 18, 2014 News, PS4 News
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Silent Hills TGS Trailer is Beautifully Horrifying

One of the most interesting and mysterious titles in the next year just might be Kojima and Del Toro’s Silent Hills, after the amazing playable

September 18, 2014 News, PS4 News
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Ubisoft Reveals Full Tracklist for Just Dance 2015

Have you been waiting to boogie oogie down with Just Dance 2015? If you have, you’re in for a treat. Ubisoft just released the entire

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Driveclub Not Included in Free Games for Plus in October

Playstation Plus subscribers have access to a plethora of free content, most notably the free games they get each month. We already knew that Plus

September 15, 2014 PS4, PS4 News
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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Set for 2015 Release, Brings Back Claire Redfield

Capcom decided to drop another bombshell for Resident Evil fans when they unveiled the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2 which is set for release early 2015. Resident Evil

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Batman: Arkham Knight – Release Date and Collectors Editions Revealed

Warner Bros. has been quiet lately when it comes to Batman: Arkham Knight. The game has been flying below the radar, with barely any coverage going on

September 08, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Sony Reveals its TGS Line-Up; Includes 23 PS4 Games, 15 PS Vita Games

Tokyo Game Show is set to take place from September 18th to September 21st in Japan and while Nintendo is usually the highlight attendee, it

September 08, 2014 PS Vita, PS Vita News, PS3, PS3 News, PS4, PS4 News
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Mortal Kombat X Release and Goro

If you’ve played Mortal Kombat then you are very likely aware of the four-armed menace that tortured and hindered our victories back in the day.

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The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Release Date Leaks

The always addictive The Binding of Isaac has had a massive redesign that has been underway for nothing short of the past two years. Creator

September 05, 2014 News, PC News, PS Vita News, PS4 News

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