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Dragon Age: Inquisition Pushed Back To November

The release dates for games these days seem to hardly stay put. Games shuffle further, and even sometimes backwards on the release schedule. The latest

July 23, 2014 News
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Persona Q Crawls onto North American Shelves November 25th

One of the anticipated spin-offs of the Persona series, Persona Q, the 3DS exclusive, will be coming out in the west on November 25th. The

July 23, 2014 3DS News, News
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Sony Reveals Games for this Year’s PSN PLAY Promotion

It has become a yearly event for Sony to bring the heat in their Summer PLAY sale on PSN. Each year, 4 quality smaller titles go

July 23, 2014 News
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New Star Fox Stage Revealed for Super Smash Bros.

Star Fox themed arenas have always been a great point of memories for friendly face-offs in past Super Smash Bros. games, and the newest edition

July 23, 2014 3DS News, News, Wii U News
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Former Bungie Composer Settles Termination Suit

Marty O’Donnell, former composer for Bungie, has settled his suit against Bungie CEO Harold Ryan for unpaid time off out of court. However, this is

July 22, 2014 Industry, News
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AMC Announces The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

AMC announced today that they will be working with the studio Next Games to develop a mobile game set in the world of AMC’s The

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Hearthstone Expansion Curse of Naxxaramus Emerges Today

Blizzard Entertainment’s Free-to-Play card game, Hearthstone, has just released the first wing of its brand new adventure mode called The Curse of Naxxaramus. The adventure pits

July 22, 2014 News, PC News, PC/Mac
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Maxis to Create a Sandbox Experience

Maxis, the studio that has brought us the games such as The Sims and SimCity may be delving into the sandbox game market. We have

July 21, 2014 News, PC News, PC/Mac
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Dance Central Spotlight Aiming for September

The latest entry in dancing series brought to you by Harmonix, Dance Central Spotlight, will be made available as digital download for Xbox One coming

July 21, 2014 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Citizens of Earth New Trailer

Citizens of Earth has a new trailer out today with the Vice President giving his inaugural speech while also providing insight into the game’s fighting

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Ubisoft Announces Tetris Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS

Ubisoft has announced the new Tetris Ultimate, the world’s most beloved puzzle game with brand new ways to play and challenge yourself. The game is

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Trailer Releases, New Character Details

Set on making its release on September 2, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, a new expansion of the fourth title in the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors crossover series, had its

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