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Return to Wonderland

“Beyond a shattered looking glass fairytale becomes nightmare, imagination becomes madness, toys become weapons, friend becomes foe, and time is running out. Alice grew up;

January 30, 2011 Features, Opinions

Second Life

Now I know this is a reeaaaallllyyyy old game, but I think it still deserves some attention. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided

January 30, 2011 Features, Opinions

Support GU: Send Us to E3!

Ah, E3. The dream of many a gamer. Well, at GU, we share that dream, and we’re doing everything we can to get there and

January 09, 2011 Features

Release Calendar, Week of 1/9/2011

Any Christmas money left? Well, unless you’re after DCUO, you’ll probably still have it next week when we get a better list of titles. See

January 09, 2011 Features

Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Now that we’re wrapping up 2010, it’s time to look to the future. Every year brings a new stock of AAA titles and surprise gems,

December 28, 2010 Opinions

Super Mario Bros. is 25

In 1983, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Entertainment System to arguably little to no fanfare. A rather nondescript, gray and black box that made pixels dance

December 16, 2010 Opinions

Q&A: Bjorn Book-Larsson of GamersFirst

Recently it was announced that GamersFirst had purchased failed MMO APB from Realtime Worlds. Today we learned that they plan to relaunch the game as

November 16, 2010 Interviews

Free to Play: Future or Fantasy?

I had the opportunity last week at GDC Online in Austin to speak with several people about the future of online games and the growing

October 10, 2010 Opinions

Zombies Invade… Everything?

Well, it’s October, and in the video game world it appears that makes it Zombie Month. It seems that every year now we can expect

October 05, 2010 Opinions

Q&A With Nordcurrent CEO On 101 In 1 Megamix Sports

A very short Question and Answer session with Nordcurrent CEO, Victoria Trofimova about the recently released title, 101- In-1 Megamix Sports, the sequel to the

October 04, 2010 Interviews

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