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Review: Gear Up

Gear Up is a simple; free to play,  third person, car driving shooter. The game can be downloaded through the steam market and is open

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The Wolf Among Us Missable Book of Fables Guide

For those who enjoyed The Wolf Among Us as much as we did, there is definitely a desire to see all there is to see

July 20, 2014 Features, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Details on New Heavenly Sword Animation

The popular PS3 Heavenly Sword game series is making its way to DVD/Blu-Ray soon! The Heavenly Sword movie–which is skipping a theatrical release and coming straight to DVD and

July 13, 2014 Features, PS3, PS3 News
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Ubisoft Says Its Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry Movies Won’t Be Terrible

In an interview about the Film Production future of Ubisoft Their CEO Yves Guillemot had this to say. “The best way to [make sure a

July 12, 2014 Features, Interviews
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Kaboomcast Episode 4 : How to Dust Your Loli

And now back to our regularly scheduled podcast with Kaboomcast Episode 4 : How to Dust Your Loli.  Jake, Ryan, Phil, and Russell talk Smash

June 23, 2014 News, Podcast
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5 Wii U Titles That Make A Non-Owner Jealous

I don’t own a Wii U. In fact, not a whole lot of people do. Since its release in November of 2012, the next generation

June 19, 2014 Features, Opinions, Wii U
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KS Draft: Favorite Game of E3 2014

With E3 2014 almost a week behind us, we’ve decided it is already time to look back. Between Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and the other games

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KaboomCast Episode 3 – Obligatory E3 Recap Episode

Join us for Episode 3 of the KaboomCast. The obligatory E3 recap episode! We promise this is the last time we will talk about E3…

June 17, 2014 E3, Features, Podcast
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Jake Plays: Drakengard 3 Episode Collection

Are you following KaboomShark’s new Let’s Play series on Drakengard 3 by Square Enix? Check out episodes 2 through 4 below! Related Posts: Jake Plays

June 17, 2014 Features, Play For True, PS3
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Who Else Could Be in Hyrule Warriors? I Thought of 10.

At this year’s E3, we were given a more in-depth peek at the upcoming spin-off Hyrule Warriors by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. While we already knew from

June 16, 2014 Features, Opinions, Wii U
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The Third Generation Mega Pokemon Wishlist

Mega Pokemon made their debut in the 6th generation of the globally popular Pokemon franchise. These beasts are magical additional forms of already powerful Pokemon

June 15, 2014 3DS/DS, Features, Opinions
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Fresh Meat: Top 10 Of E3 2014

E3 2014 came and went just as fast as every year. We all laughed, cried, and were filled with joy as game after game met

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