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These Non-Fighting Pokemon Should Appear in Pokken Tournament

Out of all the curious creations coming from the Land of the Rising Sun this year, one of greater ones is Nintendo’s recent trusting of

March 03, 2015 Features, Opinions, Wii U
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Interview: A Chat with the Creators of Pillar

The creators of Pillar, Michael Hicks and Goncalo Antunes, have developed a game that has a pretty amazing concept that deals with different kinds of

March 03, 2015 Features, Interviews
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Indie Spotlight – Darkest Dungeon

I am a self diagnosed The Binding of Isaac addict. While my playtimes are eclipsed by the most dedicated of players, I still clock in

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Indie Spotlight: Sym

In the battle between light and darkness, a man named Josh is stuck in the middle. On one side, he has Caleb, a side of

February 11, 2015 Features, Indie Spotlight, PC News, PC/Mac
CastleintheDarkness Comments Off

Interview: Matt Kap Talks Castle In The Darkness, Isaac and More

While most folks may stick with The Order 1886 or Majora’s Mask as their most exciting releases this month, I have my eyes set on the

February 03, 2015 Features, Interviews, PC/Mac
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KaboomShark Game of the Year 2014 Countdown

The past year in video games have certainly been interesting.  It is definitely characterized by many promising titles falling flat, or just flat out not

January 13, 2015 Features, Opinions
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Destiny: A Beautiful Game Ruined by Haphazard Support and Variety

Before its release, Destiny looked like it was going to undoubtedly be one of this years hottest and greatest releases. Since it’s reveal, there was

October 13, 2014 Features, Opinions
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Greenlight Gems: Cavern Kings and Monsters & Monocles

With ever expanding personal technology and an growing demand for games, it is no wonder the indie market is rapidly expanding. Steam Greenlight has become one the

August 24, 2014 Features, Opinions, Preview
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Depression Quest As Played By Someone With Depression

Real talk: I do have issues with depression (as you may have already guessed from the title of this little article). As far as actual

August 17, 2014 Features, PC/Mac
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Brawlhalla: The PC is Getting its Own Brawler

Super Smash Bros. can easily be considered the most revolutionary fighting game of all time. To many, the franchise is hailed as one of, if

August 02, 2014 Features, Opinions, PC News, PC/Mac
Gear-Up-595x334 Comments Off Review: Gear Up Overall Score

Review: Gear Up

Gear Up is a simple; free to play,  third person, car driving shooter. The game can be downloaded through the steam market and is open

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The Wolf Among Us Missable Book of Fables Guide

For those who enjoyed The Wolf Among Us as much as we did, there is definitely a desire to see all there is to see

July 20, 2014 Features, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

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