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Trailer: Monster Tale (DS)

Majesco Entertainment has released the official trailer for Monster Tale, a genre-bending game that pairs an unlikely duo and creates a one-of-a-kind adventure for Nintendo

January 05, 2011 3DS News

Everyone in North America Who Didn’t Own a DS or Wii Got One for Christmas

Nintendo of America revealed their holiday device sales today for both the Wii and the DS handheld. It should come as no surprise that the

January 04, 2011 3DS News, News, Wii News

US Nintendo Downloads – 01.03.2011

Remember 2010? Seems like only last week, right? (Actually, only a couple of days ago) Time marches on, but one thing hasn’t changed: Every Monday

January 03, 2011 3DS News, Wii News

Don’t Look Now, 3DS May Cause Eye Damage

Nintendo, a company long known for covering their tracks when it comes to many a potential PR nightmare, has issued a particularly worrisome statement regarding

January 02, 2011 3DS News, News

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