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New Demon’s Gaze Assets show Battles, Special Powers and Demons

This morning, NIS America released some new assets for their upcoming PS Vita title, Demon’s Gaze. This dungeon crawling RPG already sounded pretty cool, and

February 26, 2014 PS Vita, PS Vita News
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Irrational Games Closes their Doors; It’s for the Greater Good

I didn’t believe it at first. I figured “Oh, Kotaku is full of silly bastards who would totally lie about Irrational closing their doors…aren’t they?

February 18, 2014 Industry, News
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God of War and Sly Cooper Collections Coming to PS Vita

PS Vita users will be ecstatic to know that instead of getting some new original content, some new ports are incoming (Did you sense my

February 12, 2014 PS Vita, PS Vita News
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Watch Dogs Releases Between April and June 2014; Wii U Delay Confirmed

It’s been quite a bumpy road when it comes to Watch Dogs. It was going to be one of the highly sought after titles to

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Yoshi’s New Island gets a Limited Edition 3DS Console Bundle

I’m starting think Nintendo is releasing so many 3DS console bundles so they can feel like Oprah Winfrey. I mean, it’s like they’re just sitting

February 10, 2014 3DS News, 3DS/DS
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Worms Battlegrounds is Invading PS4 and Xbox One

It was announced over the weekend that Team17 will be releasing one of the infamous ID@Xbox One titles. It was widely assumed that they would

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Techland Set to Reveal Something Tomorrow about Dying Light

As far as vague things go, this story just about tops the charts. Today, Techland mysteriously announced that they would be revealing something tomorrow (Feb

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Need for Speed: Shift Dev Announces World of Speed

What could be better than a brand new racing game from the developers of Need for Speed: Shift? Why, the only answer to that could

February 10, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac
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Things get Smoky in the Newest Trailer for The Wolf Among Us – Episode 2

Oh man, the second episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us is quickly approaching. The first episode created such a splash that it would be

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Xbox One Update Coming in March; White Console Coming in 2014

Anyone who knows me will collaborate that I have no interest in getting an Xbox One. However, Microsoft’s latest console does look pretty sexy in

January 30, 2014 Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Dust off your PS Vita with Dustforce in February

It’s been a long while since there was any reason to pick up your old dusty PS Vita (And no real reason to buy one,

January 21, 2014 PS Vita, PS Vita News
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SimCity Will Finally be Playable Offline

The fact that this story even has to be posted is a bit of a travesty in itself, but I digress. Today, Maxis studio manager Patrick

January 13, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac
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