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Rosalina and Luma Amiibo will be Exclusive to Target

While defective and discontinued Amiibo models has been the talk of the town as of late, Nintendo has also been slipping information out there about their

December 15, 2014 Wii U, Wii U News
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Two Devil May Cry games are getting the Next-Generation Treatment

Today, Capcom announced two new games for both PS4 and Xbox One. While they aren’t “new” games, each one will bring Devil May Cry and

December 15, 2014 PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Naruto Shuppuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Coming to Next Gen Consoles

Naruto’s journey may have just come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that CyberConnect2 is done making games featuring our favorite knucklehead ninja. Yesterday,

December 15, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
IAmBread Comments Off

I am Bread Slicing its Way onto Steam Early Access

Today, Bossa Studios announced that I am Bread, a game that will undoubtedly be the best new thing since sliced bread (Did you see what

December 02, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac
finalfantasyxiv_battle_forest Comments Off

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Coming to PS4 and PS3; PS4 Free Upgrade Extended

In an attempt to get even more people playing Final Fantasy XIV, Sony and Square Enix are going to be hosting another free trial that

December 01, 2014 PS3, PS3 News, PS4, PS4 News
AdventOfIndies Comments Off

Get into the Christmas Spirit with the Indie Advent Calendar

The guys over at Rat King (TRI) have partnered up with various people within the gaming indie-sphere to bring about some really cool things for anyone

December 01, 2014 Industry, News
bioshockinifinite-e1354402387206 Comments Off

Irrational May Not be as Dead as we Previously Thought

Ken Levine closed the doors of Irrational Games in February of this year. It was a sad time for everyone, considering how great the development

November 24, 2014 Industry, News
MewtwoSmash Comments Off

Nintendo Has No Plans for Paid Smash Bros DLC Besides Mewtwo

Downloadable characters serve as a very appealing characteristic of many fighitng games. While most of them start out with a pretty stellar cast, being able

November 21, 2014 3DS News, 3DS/DS, Wii U, Wii U News
JustCause3 Comments Off

Just Cause 3 Won’t Launch with Multiplayer, says Developer

One of the biggest reasons Just Cause 2 had such a long run as it did was because of the fan made multiplayer mod. The

November 18, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
BorderlandsTPS Comments Off

Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode Coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel…For Free

Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode has to be one of the most fan requested things when it came to Borderlands 2. After beating both True Vault

November 12, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS3, PS3 News, X360 News, Xbox 360
Destiny_fireteam_on_Mars Comments Off

Destiny to go Offline on November 13th for 4 Hours

Guardians, lend me your ear. Bungie has announced that they will be taking Destiny’s servers offline on Thursday (November 13th) for a time period of

JustCause3 Comments Off

Just Cause 3 won’t be Free-to-play, won’t have Microtransactions

The fact that Just Cause 3 was just announced yesterday and there has already been so much controversy regarding the title really speaks to just

November 12, 2014 PC News, PC/Mac, PS4, PS4 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News

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