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Dontnod Entertainment has a game, Vampyr, in the works as well

As is evidenced by that tweet, it seems Dontnod Entertainment also has a vampire-themed RPG in the works called Vampyr. I say ‘also’ because it

January 24, 2015 News
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Now we know when Ori and the Blind Forest is releasing

That pretty cool-looking indie title Ori and the Blind Forest finally has itself a release date. And it’s pretty much around the corner as the game is

January 24, 2015 News, PC News, X360 News, Xbox One News
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DriveClub update to include five Japan-centered tracks

Available today, a new update for DriveClub on Playstation 4 will include, among a few things, a set of brand new tracks located in Japan. The update

January 19, 2015 News, PS4, PS4 News
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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to receive some use for Amiibo

Been wondering if you’d be able to use some Amiibos with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? Well, you’ll get your chance in a couple months. Nintendo recently

January 19, 2015 News, Wii U, Wii U News
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You’ll have to wait a week longer for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was detailed a bit in the Nintendo Direct from Wednesday including a new release date that will have you waiting a

January 19, 2015 News, Wii U, Wii U News
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Oh God in Heaven, watch this new Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer

During this week’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo gave us a new trailer for the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X and, holy shit, does it look amazing. Don’t believe me?

January 16, 2015 News, Wii U, Wii U News
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Phantom Dust reboot seems to be going the way of a JRPG

During discussions on The Inner Circle Podcast, Microsoft Studios’ creative director Ken Lobb let some details come out about the upcoming reboot of Phantom Dust. The

January 16, 2015 News, Xbox One, Xbox One News
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Here’s your system requirements for Evolve on PC

Evolve releases in less than a month, people. So, to help out all you gamers who will be playing on PC, 2K Games and Turtle Rock

January 12, 2015 News, PC News, PC/Mac
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Majora’s Mask on 3DS to have better explanations of quest info

In a trend with Legend of Zelda re-releases, Nintendo is making some slight tweaks to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS, with the most notable

January 12, 2015 3DS News, 3DS/DS, News
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Have Save Data from other Tales games? Unlock some goodies in Tales of Zestiria

As is tradition with the Tales series, if you have any save data from previous games on your system, you can usually unlock some little goodies from

January 12, 2015 News, PS3, PS3 News
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Gotta’ go fast on mobile, Sonic Runners revealed for smartphone release

Revealed a couple days ago by Sega producer Takashi Iizuka at a Sonic fan event, the next game in the long-running hedgehog’s (pun not intended)

December 29, 2014 Mobile, Mobile News, News
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Going to pirate The Talos Principle? Prepare yourself for some quality elevator time

Croteam, the developers of The Talos Principle, are known for going after those who pirate their games in most interesting ways. The Talos Principle is no different. Recently,

December 29, 2014 News, PC News, PC/Mac

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