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Dragon Age: Inquisition Pushed Back To November

The release dates for games these days seem to hardly stay put. Games shuffle further, and even sometimes backwards on the release schedule. The latest

July 23, 2014 News
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Persona Q Crawls onto North American Shelves November 25th

One of the anticipated spin-offs of the Persona series, Persona Q, the 3DS exclusive, will be coming out in the west on November 25th. The

July 23, 2014 3DS News, News
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Sony Reveals Games for this Year’s PSN PLAY Promotion

It has become a yearly event for Sony to bring the heat in their Summer PLAY sale on PSN. Each year, 4 quality smaller titles go

July 23, 2014 News
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New Star Fox Stage Revealed for Super Smash Bros.

Star Fox themed arenas have always been a great point of memories for friendly face-offs in past Super Smash Bros. games, and the newest edition

July 23, 2014 3DS News, News, Wii U News
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The Wolf Among Us Missable Book of Fables Guide

For those who enjoyed The Wolf Among Us as much as we did, there is definitely a desire to see all there is to see

July 20, 2014 Features, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
wolfums 0 Review: The Wolf Among Us Season 1 – A Howling Good Time Overall Score

Review: The Wolf Among Us Season 1 – A Howling Good Time

After the team’s excellent take on The Walking Dead, all eyes were on a blossoming Telltale Games, who had been swept from an under the

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Early Access Could Be Coming to Consoles Soon

Early Access has been a mixed aspect of Steam for a while now, while some games abuse the system, some games, like Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne,

July 15, 2014 E3, News, PS4 News, Xbox One News
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Nintendo Reveals 2 More Fire Emblem Characters and Captain Falcon For Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s under-wraps character reveal planned for today did not disappoint in the least. In an insane trailer, four new characters were revealed for the upcoming

July 14, 2014 3DS News, News, Wii U News
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Mega Metagross is the Newest Mega Pokemon

After the reveal of Mega Sableye and the new mega forms of the starters in the upcoming Pokemon titles Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a

July 13, 2014 3DS News, News
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Cliffy B’s Newest Project is Free-to-Play Arena Shooter Blue Streak

After disappearing from the limelight and leaving Epic games after Gears of War 3, the famous game director Cliffy B. made a return, announcing that

July 08, 2014 News
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Gearbox’s New Project is BattleBorn, a New Co-Op MOBA

Far detached from their spoiled child, the Borderlands series, Gearbox has taken new attention to a rising genre in the industry, the MOBA. Battleborn is

July 08, 2014 News, PC News, PS4 News, Xbox One News
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Ken Levine Reveals His Vision for Bioshock Vita

Back when Bioshock Infinite was still nothing more than an exciting glimmer in our future as gamers, a Bioshock Vita was also supposedly in the

July 08, 2014 Industry, News, PS Vita News

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