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Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date Outed

The king of 3D fighters is back. After an explosive reveal at Evo 2014, more information on Tekken 7 has emerged, including the date when

October 20, 2014 News, PS4 News, Xbox One News
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Two Classic Pokemon Games Coming to the 3DS Eshop

Back in the day, my time growing up spent on the Nintendo Gameboy Color was almost encompassed by Pokemon. When I wasn’t playing the main

October 20, 2014 3DS News, News
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Battleline: Steel Warfare Revealed By Bandai Namco

What is more badass than marching an army of soldiers along in your run-of-the-mill RTS? Doing the same thing but with tanks. You can do

October 17, 2014 News, PC News
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Amazon Leaks Secret Smash Bros. Wii U Game Modes

While the 3DS version of the new Super Smash Bros. is out and taking over the world, the Wii U still lurks as a reminder

October 17, 2014 News, Wii U News
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Playstation Store Celebrates Women in Games With Flash Sale

With all of this bickering about gender roles in video games, it feels great to just sit back and look at some of the great

October 17, 2014 News, PS Vita News, PS3 News, PS4 News
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Opens Case This December

Phoenix Wright is back in action. After the impressive run of Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright x Professor Layton on 3DS, it

October 10, 2014 3DS News, 3DS/DS, News
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Capcom Unlikely To Make Sequels for Series That Don’t Sell 2 Million

With games becoming more and more expensive to produce, the payoffs truly matter. Capcom Produecer Yoshinori Ono has stated that Capcom doesn’t plan on continuing

October 10, 2014 Industry, News

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is Still Alive as Best Buy Offers Pre-Orders

Ever since its E3 2012 teaser, the very little focused upon Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover for the Wii U has been dead

October 07, 2014 News, Wii U News
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Super Smash Bros. Wii U Gets November 21st Release Date

Those with pure unbridled Smash Bros optimism will rejoice at the news that, despite the clamoring of naysayers everywhere, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

October 07, 2014 News
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The Evil Within’s Pushes Conserving Ammo

If anyone knows how to make a tense and action packed horror experience, it certainly is Shinji Mikami. In the newest trailer, Shinji Mikami shows

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Wii U Gets Folder Organization in New Update

With digital becoming a better and better option for game enthusiasts, it can get pretty confusing when there is no way to properly organize your

October 02, 2014 Wii U, Wii U News
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“New” 3DS Gets Release Date in Australia

Those Aussies have something to look forward to between the wildfires and horrifying animals with today’s brand new reveal. The not yet renamed “New” 3DS

September 24, 2014 3DS News, 3DS/DS

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