Anyone who plays Rocket League as religiously as I do realize that the point system is extremely flawed. You’ll win a game by 5 goals, gain 8 rank points, then lose a close game in overtime because of a crazy kick-off fluke and go down a whopping 13 points. It’s like I’m watching an episode of Whos Line is it Anyways and the points are both made up and they don’t matter. That’s why news that Psyonix will be ditching ranked points and using a tier based system that is based upon actual play has me all sorts of excited. They detailed that system today on their┬áSteam page.

Season 2, which will begin with an update in February, will totally change up the rank system. There will be 12 different tiers ranging from prospect to champion. Based upon your performance in season 1, as well as your performance during a 10 game placement period, you will be placed into different tiers. From there, you have opportunities for movement. It won’t be instantaneous like it currently is, though. Constant improvement will be rewarded by moving up to a higher tier, but you won’t move down if you have a bad game and get slaughtered. It all seems a lot more monitored and less random.

Even with all these changes, some things will remain, such as the top 100 leaderboard and my insatiable urge to constantly use air strats in completely unnecessary situations.

To see the full post and learn more, check out the steam page for Rocket League!