The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from Platinum Games has not been a very well kept secret judging by how much of the game has already been leaked (art style, achievements, cover art). Apparently the developers couldn’t hold in those crazy mutant turtles, which realistically isn’t too surprising. They’re a tad overzealous. Instead of allowing more and more of the game to leak before the announcement, Platinum Games decided to announce an “Official Leak”, which is just a rather hilarious way of stating they’re going to reveal the game tomorrow. At least they know how to laugh at their mistakes, eh?

The below video shows a mound of pizza skewered by one of Raphael’s knives, which is pretty easy to interpret. It also has tomorrow’s date. Now that we have the leaked information under out belts, it will be nice to have the developers give us more concrete information about the game. Who knows how wild it could possibly get!