Mighty No. 9 has been delayed again, which is really no surprise considering the fact that the game has been met with delays a plenty (Wasn’t the game supposed to come out in April 2015 according to the original Kickstarter?). In a very interesting post by Kenji Inafune, he explains the delay and how it mostly has to do with network functionality across different platforms and issues with having to manually update the engine. It was extremely unspecific, which is even more disappointing considering the fact that it was previously stated that the game would not be delayed any further than the February date.

The best (worst) news? The developers haven’t announced a new release date. The only thing they’re giving us is that it will realistically be released in Spring 2016.

If you want to read Kenji’s post, or better yet read the hilarious comments from all of the pissed off fans claiming that the developers should have released the game without multiplayer, follow this link. Seriously, some of those guys have a lot to say.