KaboomShark’s Game of the Year for 2014, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, continues to stretch its legs with creator Edmund McMillen confirming that the rogue-like dungeon crawler will be diving onto Xbox One on July 23rd of this year.

Unfortunately, the game’s hefty expansion, Afterbirth, will not be releasing with the Xbox One version of the game, since it reportedly is not finished yet. Additionally, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Isaac still have no release date. At the very least Xbox One players will finally get a chance to jump into the basement for themselves.

Check out that smooth Xbox One gameplay below:

After the release date drop, Edmund also shared info about a new item in the game called More Options! This item will have a drastic effect on the runs of anyone who manages to pick up the new shop item, as it reportedly turns regular item rooms into double item rooms.

Originally intended for the first version of Rebirth, this item was dropped because of it causing so many bugs during development. No word on whether or not players will be able to collect both items, or have to choose between the two.

Rebirth fans have tons to look forward to when the Afterbirth expansion drops later this year.