I’m sure most people feel similarly about Katamari Damacy (Outside of a few people who literally hate good things for kicks and giggles). It’s an absolutely charming game that combines silly, over-the-top hilarities into something that everyone can find a laugh in. Hell, that everyone can find something to enjoy in. I’m not sure whether Katamari Designer Keita Takahashi’s new game, Wattam, will compare at all to Katamari Damacy, but it sure does seem to have that same outrageous “What in the Hell am I doing” vibe that made it so lovable.

In the end, not much is actually known about Wattam. From what I’ve seen, you interact with the different characters around you, most of which amount to random objects with hilariously normal names, to accomplish a goal. Why one of these goals seems to be blowing up once you acquire enough friends is a mystery to me. There’s a turn table blasting dubstep too, which has me right on the spot.

Go ahead and watch the trailer above to be thoroughly confused, and ever so slightly aroused.

Wattam is coming to PS4 next year.