There’s bad news for Mortal Kombat fans that have a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. You’ve been waiting for Mortal Kombat X to come out this summer, but now you’re going to have to keep waiting. According to a Kotaku report, GameStop employees were informed by Warner Bros. that Mortal Kombat X‘s release date has been moved from a nebulous summer date to a nebulous date in the fall. There was no explanation provided for the most recent delay.

Mortal Kombat X 2

“What do you mean delayed?!”


This is actually the second time that Mortal Kombat X has been delayed for the previous generation of consoles. Originally, Playstation 4 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were supposed at the same time as all other platforms, but was delayed until summer of 2015. After these delays, it makes you wonder if Warner Bros. is genuinely interested in releasing Mortal Kombat X for previous-generation consoles or if they’re only making these versions to satisfy a public image, when in reality they’re devoting less resources to them than normal.