The first ever Super Smash Bros. character DLC has finally dropped for everyone. While I was messing around with Mewtwo, it finally became real. Something I’ve always dreamed about is happening, and with Nintendo’s ballot vote for future DLC, I began to reminisce about the characters that I voted for and how they would play. In this series I’ll explain who I voted for in the ballot, and the kind of moves that I think would fit them just great.

Let’s start with a Smash Bros. moveset idea for Shovel Knight. I voted for him because, while he’s new, I think Nintendo could easily give a DLC slot to this character. Not only does he fit in perfectly with the cast of Nintendo characters, he represents an area untapped by the Smash Bros. roster: indie games. Indie games are an important part of Nintendo’s legacy and deserve credit, especially for the Wii and Wii U. None of those games that came to Nintendo platforms first are more fitting and deserving than Shovel Knight, in my honest opinion. Above all else, I feel Shovel Knight has a pretty solid chance if Nintendo is going by the votes, as it sounds like he’s a popular pick so far.

Here are some quick moveset ideas that I think I would love to see him have if he makes it in. In regards to the special moves, I’m going to list custom move ideas too, but any of them could work as a default attack for that command. I’m only commenting on move ideas that I think would be creative and different rather than just filled in without reference to the game.

Standard Moves:

Neutral A: A standard 3 hit attack. First swipe is chest level, the second scoops upward, and the third is a stronger attack with slight knockback. A quirk that is perfect for Shovel Knight is that his neutral A combo can bounce energy based projectiles on the first hit much like in his game. If Samus fires her energy blast he can scoop it up and make it fly through the air back at her in a slower arc motion. I shouldn’t be very hard to dodge this reflect if you are paying attention as a way of balancing a very useful reflect ability. This would add a cool easter egg from his game while also giving him a unique threat against energy based attackers.

Air Neutral: Would be a similar attack to the first moves of his neutral A combo and also possesses that reflecting ability.

Down Tilt: Shovel Knight does his digging animation and shoots small gems forward a short distance from him. Sort of acts like a projectile attack. The size and shape of the gems are randomized. Larger gems do very slightly more damage. This move is continuous as you mash A.

Forward Smash: The charge attack boost that you get from the airship midway through the game. He mimics the charge up stance and glowing. The attack’s range goes past the length of his shovel with a big woosh.

Down Smash: A strong dig forward that works similar to Villager’s down smash, perhaps a little stronger, and pitfalls the opponent for a short period of time.

Down Air: The classic shovel pogo attack. Using it slightly increases his falling speed, unlike Greninja. If he hits something that isnt the stage, like an opponent, or a thrown item, he will pogo off of it slightly up into the air. If the player continues to hold the down air command the stance will continue and he will continue bouncing until he hits the stage. He can potentially use it so get back onto the stage when fighting offstage with opponents. Hitting enemy players will push them down slightly (think maybe footstool distance), and isn’t a meteor smash. Or it could be, but I think that doesn’t fit with the nature of the move in his game.


Neutral Specials: 

Fire Rod: A chargeable fire attack. The more he charges the projectile the faster it moves, the bigger it gets, and the more damage it does. Pretty straight forward. At maximum size it gets about as big as mewtwo’s shadow ball.

Troupple Chalice: Shovel Knight holds up the Troupple chalice and a Troupple fish appears above the chalice. Much like Shulk’s neutral special you can cycle through different juices. First usage fills the chalice with whatever potion you selected. Second usage uses the potion.You can see which one you have in stock next to your name at the bottom. After using one, you can’t regenerate the same potion until a certain amount of time passes.

Red Potion – Heals Shovel Knight by 10% HP possibly?

Blue Potion – Greatly reduces knock back against shovel knight for a short period.

Yellow Potion – Attracts all items towards Shovel Knight. Like Rosalina’s power but constant for a short period. Would be totally useless for no item fights obviously.

War Horn: Shovel Knight jumps up into the air slightly and blasts the war horn. Has a pretty short range. Enemies caught in the range of the attack take a decent amount of damage and are momentarily stunned. War Horn can also stop objects thrown at Shovel Knight or non energy based projectiles. Non-energy based projectiles will be launched away based on angle and momentum. Another option is that they could be stopped in their tracks and just fall. All in all pretty similar to Mewtwo’s confusion move but instead of in front of Shovel Knight it affects an area all around him.

Side Specials:

Dust Knuckle: A sideways punch sort of like Jigglypuff’s. Maybe he can use it a set amount of times and it gives slight sideways momentum. However, if he hits an opponent the counter resets and he gets a moment of good sideways momentum. The move could have solid knockback and doesn’t have the shield breaking properties of Jigglypuff’s punch.

Throwing Anchor: A straight forward thrown arced axe attack that travels through enemies and the stage. Decent knockback and damage.

Mobile Gear: Shovel Knight jumps on the mobile gear. Similar to the mechanics of the gogoat Pokemon, Shovel Knight can move freely while on top of it. There is very little ending lag after the mobile gear is sent out so it allows quick combos into Smash attacks or otherwise. Like the Villager’s gyroid, holding the command slightly will let Shovel Knight board immediately. Tapping it will send it out as a projectile. Enemies can also jump on the mobile gear and move freely. If it hits them from the side, it knocks them into the air and continues moving. It disappears after a certain distance. Shovel Knight can’t summon more than one at once.

Up Specials:

Propeller Dagger: Shovel Knight pulls out the propeller dagger and stalls in air for a moment and, like the Up special of the Star Fox characters, you choose the direction for Shovel Knight to fly at the moment of use. Travels through enemies for damage and barely any knockback. Shovel Knight is immobilized after use.

Fishing Rod: If within a certain range of the ledge, Shovel Knight will automatically connect like a tether attack. If he is in the air, the fishing rod will go straight down. Connecting with another character will fling them up into the air. Using the move while on the ground does nothing. Shovel Knight isn’t immobilized after use.

Shield Knight: Shield Knight appears below Shovel Knight and he lands on her shield. She propels him straight up into the air. Covers a lot more vertical distance than Propeller dagger. Has no damage effect to nearby enemies. Shovel Knight is not immobilized after use.

Down Specials: 

Phase Locket: Shovel Knight becomes gray and transparent, during which he is invincible for maybe 3 or so seconds. Has a pretty hefty start up and cooldown animation where Shovel Knight is vulnerable for balancing. It would give Shovel Knight an ace in the hole when things get heated towards the end of the match.

Alchemy Coin: Shovel Knight throws a coin that spins along the ground at a quick pace. Characters caught in it will be carried backwards and hit multiple times until knocked out of the move’s small range. Would force enemies into the air. Shovel Knight can’t throw another coin until the previous one disappears. Will disappear after about the 80% Final Destination’s length.

Treasure Drop: Has similarities to both Pac-man’s down special and Villager’s. At first instance of Down B, he throws a chest straight downward dealing good damage and with good knock back if it hits. While the chest is on the ground, if Shovel Knight approaches it and uses down special again, he will flick the lock off the chest, which will damage enemies it hits. Then he will jump into the chest and start flinging treasure quickly on both sides of him. Similar to the down tilt, different gems randomly spawn with different levels of damage and knockback. If you hit the down special command while the treasure chest is already out and you aren’t in contact with it, you will use the neutral A attack. The chest disappears after a period if not interacted with. The chest can also be destroyed by opponents and has about 20% HP.

Two Ideas for Final Smashes:

Shield Knight Beam: Shield Knight Appears above Shovel Knight and a beam comes down directly above her and ricochets off of her shield and across the map. The attack is powerful, and is similar to Ness’ beam. It can’t pass through solid stage. You can change the direction she is facing and the angle of the beam freely, though it moves slowly, so consideration of where you are when you use it is important. During the attack Shovel Knight is dancing below her and is invulnerable.

Campfire Dream: The campfire dream sequence begins and Shield Knight begins to slowly fall from the sky. During this period all opponents are slowed down while Shovel Knight is not. While she is falling, Shovel Knight’s damage and knockback are significantly increased. Shovel Knight has the option to jump for her and if he catches her, a large burst of energy explodes around him and sends opponents flying, killing at around 70% minimum. The player has the option to not catch Shield Knight, with the consequence being that last blast of energy doesn’t happen. Shovel Knight is capable of taking out opponents without it during this move though.

Do you like my moveset for Shovel Knight? What moves would you like to see him have? What characters movesets have you come up with? Leave a comment with your ideas below!