This E3 was already proving to be one to look out for, with Bethesda hosting their own conference for the very first time, there was suddenly a new player in the game. On top of that, new technologies such as morpheus, were offering tantalizing bits of excitement for the video game convention. Now, to bring it all to a boiling point, Square Enix has announced that it too will be hosting an E3 conference.

The show will take place in downtown LA at 9PM PDT on Tuesday, June 16th. The show will officially kick off the entire expo, and will be watchable on Twitch or YouTube depending on your viewing preference.


Square stated on the official blog post that they want to bring attention to their great slate of 2015 titles. While Square Enix has a lot of high profile upcoming games, many of them have been brought through the press ad nauseam either through other outlets or by Square itself. That begs the question as to what the kicker of this show could be. We’ve already gotten an excellent Final Fantasy XV demo, and we know all we need to know about Tomb Raider. Could it be substantial info on Kingdom Hearts 3? A solid (and soon) Final Fantasy XV release date? Maybe something bigger like that Final Fantasy VII remake?

What do you think we will see at the show?