Indie developer Area Effect has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds for their 3D action-adventure RPG Izle, and released a new alpha trailer and screenshots for the game today.

Players will build their own world by summoning the power of the gods and terraforming a variety of magical islands where each island is randomly created and ready for exploration. To explore, players will dig, climb, swing, swim, fly and more to travel through their world to gather “Shards of Light” and choose between defending their world or crafting powerful artifacts. Creating their own character to fit the players style of play, while acquiring new skills and finding hidden items. Entire kingdoms and islands can be created or destroyed based entirely on the game player’s decisions.

Izle won in three separate award categories at the 2014 Game Connection Europe’s Development Awards, carting off with the “Most Creative & Original Project,” “Best Hardcore Game,” and “Best Desktop/Downloadable” awards. The developers are now trying to turn the excitement into raising the funds needed to finish the development. Those that support the game can do so in a number of different ways. From early alpha access to discounted full game digital copies and a collector’s artbook, fans have many options to support the team and contribute to Izle by writing, sharing and designing stories, items and even entire islands.

Izle is in development for the PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One(XBLA) , Playstation 3 and Playstation 4(PSN). The developer has the game scheduled to be released sometime in 2016.