When Nintendo announced that they were going to be releasing Mewtwo as DLC for Smash 4 , it kind of opened the doors for them to do even more downloadable characters. Nintendo said they had taken it into consideration, but nothing was revealed until today. In their Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo revealed that Lucas will be PK Thundering into the arena out of nowhere. While no date was revealed, they said Lucas will join the fray in June.

Along with the Lucas announcement, as well as the announcement that Mewtwo will be available on April 15th for $5.00, Nintendo announced that they will be taking suggestions for new DLC characters. This kind of confirms the fact that they will be going forward and plan on releasing a good amount of new fighters. To be honest, this is some of the best news I have heard in a while. A survey where you can suggest characters will be made available through Nintendo at the end of their Nintendo Direct.

What do you guys think of this Smash 4 DLC announcement? I know you’re supposed to go tell Nintendo who you want, but comment below with who you want to see!