The Creator and Director Edmund McMillen of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth posted on early this morning, that the game will be released “in a few more months” on the Nintendo 3DS, WiiU and Xbox One. Along with this, he sent an E-mail around to press outlets that had most of the same information….with a bit of a sillier form of delivery.

When Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was originally submitted to Nintendo, the game was rejected due to the games’ religious themes and content, so most of us thought that was the end. They went back to the drawing board and made a few minor adjustments which changed the minds of the “suits” at Nintendo.

Edmund stresses that the changes did not compromise the integrity of the game or his art. One issue was the “nudity” of the character, he now wears a fig leaf. All references to God has now been switched to Dog.

Unfortunately, no exact release date has been given for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, but they expect that they can say “soon”.

It’s very possible that Edmund McMillen was trolling the internet when he posted this stuff this morning. I mean, it is April Fools day. It’s kind of hard to take a man seriously when he sends out a hand written image that speaks of poop, squirting poop and cleaning up poop filled pants. As great as it would be if this was true, it seems a little out of left field. Plus the timing couldn’t be more suspicious. I’m sure we will know the legitimacy of this by the end of the day, if not a little bit after.