I’m known to not be quiet about my love for Yacht Club Game’s Shovel Knight. One of my favorite new IP’s in a long time, the game blew everyone away with its great level design and characters. For those exhausted from replaying the regular campaign over and over, the team has revealed the first new DLC for the game – Plague of Shadows. Those familiar with the game will be excited to see that the Plague Knight takes the starring role, and thanks to KickStarter will be free!

The DLC will have a new story, new characters, and new bosses. Largely, however, you will be re-exploring Shovel Knight’s world through the leaps and bounds of a new character. The screenshots below show off some of the new mechanics, such as the variety of spells available to Plague Knight. This seems to cement the idea that Plague Knight will have an entirely different playstyle.

The demo for Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows will be playable at PAX East. The team has also confirmed that they will be working on two additional DLCs of similar nature.