Heard of Clay Fighter? Maybe so? Maybe not? Well, as things would seem, the quirky fighting game from the early 90s looks like it’s getting remastered for today’s audience.

I say quirky and quite mean it. While games like Street Fighter had cartoonish action violence and Mortal Kombat went the way of digitized realistic violence, Clay Fighter had clay-on-clay violence. Animated in the style of claymation, Clay Fighter was a fighting game released on the Super Nintendo and Genesis that featured such characters like Ickybod Clay, Taffy, Blue Suede Goo, Kangoo and Bad Mr. Frosty (likely the most well-known character).

The remastered version of Clay Fighter is being pushed through by Interplay, the original publishers, and Drip Drop Games. The new version will feature more than 20 characters through the small franchise, new game mechanics such as double jumps and counters, as well as updated graphics and audio.

2016 is the expected year for the return of Clay Fighter. You think you’ll have what it takes to “clay” with the big guys?

(I’m mad at myself for that. I apologize.)

Source: Gamespot