As soon as I saw that there was news regarding a game called “Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell” there was no going back. Right then and there it became by sole duty to learn anything and everything there is to know about the game. I’m glad I did too. The game seems like a really well put together throwback to everything that was amazing about N64 platformers like Super Mario 64. Anyways, back to the game.

As the title suggests, a new Kickstarter campaign was launched for Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell. They’re looking for a rather small goal of only $13,666, which is quite fitting considering some of the themes that come up in the game. I’d tell you how much they have made at the time of posting, but Kickstarter seems to be having some issues. You can check out their Kickstarter page here. Hopefully it’s back up when you do. Right now the project is being funded for a PC release with PS4 and Wii U stretch goals.

You can check out an outrageously silly trailer for Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell below.