The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth creator and director Edmund McMillen has divulged new details on the upcoming DLC expansion for Rebirth. Officially called Afterbirth, the expansion will release (hopefully) sometime in the middle of the year and aims to add 100-200 hours to the already staggering amount of gameplay available in the game.

Posted on his blog, McMillen states that the following features will be added:

– 100+ new items

– a full new game mode that will totally change how you play

– 10 new challenges

– a new playable character

– a new alternate final chapter

– new alt floors

– new game endings

– new final bosses

– tons of new bosses and enemies

– new item pickups, cards, pills, etc.

– tons of new achievements and rewards for beating the game on hard

– new co-op babies

– new transformations

– and more…

Additionally, after his successful reddit post to r/TheBindingofIsaac, McMillen has gathered his favorite new challenge ideas for the game:

1. a XXXL room challenge: all floors are XL but have the max amount of rooms per XL floor.
2. High Speed!: the game plays at x2 speed
3. Sonic: all doors are arcade doors, start with 99 coins all enemies have greed shot effect (cause you to drop/loose coins) you die at 0 coins.
4. Max hearts : a challenge where you start with max heart containers but hearts no longer drop.
5. High Rule: start with moms knife + trinity shield + boomerang
6. Rollers: each time you complete a room all of your items and stats are rerolled (item pools arent depleted)
7. BRAINS! : start with 3-4 bobs brains, blindfolded (no tears)
8. Blue Bomber: blue baby run with kamikaze + flying + new dlc item + pyromaniac, Blindfolded (no tears)
9. all start boss rush: a challenge where you fight all the games bosses

For those who still want to take part in the development process for Afterbirth, McMillen is now asking for help designing new item synergies for existing items. You can check out the thread here.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth dropped on PC/PS4 and PS Vita on November 4th 2014. We selected it as our 2014 game of the year!