Publisher Teyon and Japanese developer Mechanic Arms, will be releasing Excave, a dungeon-crawling RPG adventure on the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. The game will be available on February 19th in the United States, and plans to be on European market soon after.

In Excave, the player has been ordered by the King to explore the labyrinth underneath the city and save the magician while also finding out why his laboratory is producing monsters. Excave will feature 50 levels in an underground labyrinth, 5 big bosses, and a plethora of magic, gear and treasure to collect.

In a small twist, make sure you always have enough to reach the city above, as that is the only place you can heal, and upgrade your weapons.

All this will be available for $4.99. Check out the trailer and screenshots below, and we will update when the European released date is known.