With ever expanding personal technology and an growing demand for games, it is no wonder the indie market is rapidly expanding. Steam Greenlight has become one the major sources of boasting independently made games. I myself have found excitement in many games on the Greenlight that I hope will eventually be released.

Two games, Cavern Kings and Monsters & Monocles, are especially pumping me up for having Greenlight as a format of making great games made open to the public. Though none of these games have been released in early access, they have detailed Steam Greenlight pages and video previews so they are worth reviewing.

I will start off with Cavern Kings. Cavern Kings feels like Broforce in many way with a monster theme. It’s a 2d platformer with shooting elements, tons of weapons, and destructible environments. These are the main similarities with Broforce. However, there are some very huge differences.

The game is based upon defeating four bosses and you having a log to keep track of where you have been what you have done. Why would you need a log? That’s simple: the levels come with randomized terrain and monster placement. The games also comes with what is said to be 50 power ups and an entirely chip tune soundtrack.

The art style throws me off a bit personally and based off images a few rooms look a bit empty. However, every other aspect of the game looks quite awesome. Cavern Kings will be open on all computer platforms (PC, Mac, and Linux). It will also come with Co-Op modes, making use of the multiple playable characters.

Then there is Monster Monocles, another game that has been released on the Greenlight market. Monsters & Monocles focuses more on playing with friends and, based upon demos, appears that it would play better on a console. The game wants both local Co-op and online multiplayer to be available.

This game feels a lot like the Binding of Isaac, but with more people and a lot more happening on the screen. Also Monsters & Monocles, not being a flash, game looks better and can run more then it’s counter part the Binding of Isaac (for comparison’s sake). The game is also like the Binding of Isaac in that there are tons of randomized areas and enemies.

Monster & Monocles is a game based off a lot of shooting with a lot of people. To even open doors you need a key gun. You can not just calmly open doors; Nope. You have to shoot them down. The game claims to come with many unique environments and wants to make itself moldable. This reminds me of the idea Nintendo had during the first Legend of Zelda game: to allow users to make their own dungeons. In this case, I feel user created content will be good because it will allow for new enemies, rooms, and weapons to be made constantly, making it’s replay value go through the roof when compared to the Binding of Isaac.

All in all, I hope continues to be a great place for games for great games to be discovered. While it has become a flooded system in some cases, many good games still come out of it. In the future, it will provide gamers with more the content they could ever want.