Super Smash Bros. can easily be considered the most revolutionary fighting game of all time. To many, the franchise is hailed as one of, if not the greatest fighting franchise.

Sadly, no other game company has been able to make a brawler that can even stand up next too Nintendo’s giant. Playstation made an attempt to make their own big time brawler with Playstation All-Stars, however to many this game felt like a Smash Bros. copy. The game also faced many other issues, making for a less then well critically received game. Other brawlers have been made over the years: the Digimon Rumble Arena Series, Dream Mix Tv World Fighters, Jump SuperStars, Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, Small Arms, and Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion to name a few. Despite the fact that these games often match Nintendo’s formula they either do not sell well or were not received well.

With Nintendo releasing the newest Smash Bros. game soon, it appears that no one will even attempt to make or release a brawler of it’s own. Well, everyone expect indie developer Blue Mammoth Games with their upcoming release of Brawlhalla August 30th. Brawlhalla, when released, will be free to play and open to PC and Mac users which will allow for many people to quickly become involved in the game.

This is big news; Never has the PC had a big time brawler. For a genre that has always been locked onto console games, I am personally interested to see how the controls work on a quality PC brawler. Currently, early access players of Brawlhalla have been giving the game positive reviews.

The game will be a 2d platform brawler with both local and online modes. Modes like free for all and team matches will be a staple in terms of gameplay. Up to four individuals at a time will play on the maps. These things sound very similar to the original ideas of Smash Bros. already.

However, Brawlhalla sets itself apart by making itself an item based game. When you first enter the arena you have nothing on you. You can still go after someone by punching them or kicking them, but you don’t have any of your abilities. This is different from Smash Bros., a game in which items are truly secondary to the move set you are already given. These items are usually weapons ranging from bombs to guns to axes. Also unlike Smash Bros. Brawlhalla has no indicators of health, you just have to focus on knocking the other individual off the map.

Now Brawlhalla does have some slight issues. First of all, the maps are small and bland. Which. maybe upon official release, the makers of this game would have added more map diversity. However, based upon the previews, the maps are poorly done copy-pastes of each other.

Another issues lies with the characters. Since this is an item based game, all the characters play very similarly, if not exactly like one another. It truly does not matter what character you choose.

Regardless of these flaws, there is little to complain about with such an awesome, undiscussed game coming out so soon. Like many other people on this planet, I am a big Super Smash Bros. fan and any game of the same genre gets me hyped up. I do understand this game will not surpass Smash Bros. in sales or game quality. However, it will be nice to have an accessible brawler on the very same machine on which I typed this article.