**The article below is purely speculation. All predictions are not factual and could be disproved in the future**

Over the past year I have become a bit obsessive about the Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS roster, surfing the darkest corners of the Internet in a quest to uncover the truth. Recently I stumbled upon a couple images I believe are off screen shots of the real roster we’re going to get. These screens have locked boxes that, while continuing to create a controversy about the possible characters, at least show us just how many characters we can expect to get. Check them out.

Leak1 leak2


After analyzing these two images for a bit, I can discern a number of things:

1.) There are 3 rows of 17, which total 51 character spots.
2.) The left edge while being completely hidden, can be deduced by looking at the first image, which shows Mario, Link and Pikachu, Nintendo’s 3 biggest mascots.
3.) The right edge shows the menu buttons “Options” & “Colors”. To the right of Options you can clearly see the right edge of the screen. Thus the 3 character spots below are also the edge.
4.) The layout seems to separate the characters horizontally by their respective series’. This makes things a bit easier to fill in some of the blanks.

Filling in the Blanks

This is where most of the speculation comes into play. Below you’ll find two images where I have tried my best to fill in the blanks. This includes newcomers and veterans not yet announced, so the characters along with their positions in this image could greatly vary.


The first image is pretty easy to figure out. I have incorporated the 48 characters rumor the Mario Kart leaker  first mentioned. Jigglypuff and Mewtwo’s spots could easily be Ness & Lucas, though for some reason I find it unlikely. It seems that the left side of the roster incorporates the bulkier and more notable series’, so Earthbound characters being over here doesn’t do much justice.

The leaker mentioned 6 Pokemon reps, which would legitimize this image even further. This image also leaves room for Ridley, a character that people have been praying for for a long time. It provides room for a Zelda villain, most likely Ganon not Ghirahim, and room for the entire Mario cast. I think that in comparison to the image below, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

“But what if Ike is to the left of Marth?”

Well I don’t see that being the case. If you look at the images it seems like the oldest and most notable veterans are the start of each Series. You have Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, Pit, Fox, Marth, Kirby, & Donkey Kong all starting off their own sections. Thus I again think we’re really going to see 6 Pokemon reps (referencing the 6 party slots in the Pokemon games).


Here’s where things get tricky. Most of the right side of this image are locked boxes, which create controversy about returning characters. Still, 51 characters slots is enough room to bring most of the cast back along with a couple more newcomers.

The left side of this image is some rollover from the first image, and after that its pure chaos. You’ll see this image creates room for Meta Knight, Palutena, and a 3rd Donkey Kong rep, which I believe to be either King Rool or Dixie Kong. Going along with the announcement of Lucina, a clone of Marth, I think Dixie Kong is more likely. Moving towards the right is where most of the single rep characters are at. Here we can have the 3 third party characters Sonic, Megaman, and Pacman, along with a lot of the earlier mentioned newcomers, like WFT, Little Mac, Villager, and Mii Fighters.

One thing to note is that Sakurai mentioned how any variance in ability would result in a character having their own roster slot. This means that the Mii Fighters will likely have 3 spots to themselves, killing off 2 slots I was hoping would be filled by returning veterans. This means that yet again we could be doubting the return of Lucas, Wolf, ROB, or Ice Climbers.

I threw that red line in there to divide the controversial section from the rest of the image. I think that generally speaking, all of the characters predicted that are outside of the red box (including the first image), are likely to be in.

What do you guys think of these images? Do they just look like more fakes or do you think there’s something different about them? Let me know of any problems you see with these images that could disprove their legitimacy. I am really hoping that a roster size of 51 is what we’re actually going to get. Feel free to speculate in the comment section below, and stay tuned to Kaboom Shark for more Smash 4 news to come.