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First impressions of Where is my Heart? will have you thinking  “Hey, this feels a lot like Thomas Was Alone.” Where is my Heart? takes the teamwork oriented puzzle solving aspects of Thomas was Alone and adds cute little monsters that activate special powers when their powers combine.

Where_Is_My_Heart_-_4I was a little skeptical with the game since most indie puzzlers are usually a hit or miss, but Where is my Heart? made collecting scattered hearts entertaining while also providing you with an interesting mechanic I hadn’t run into before. The first level you play is a pretty straight forward level as you lead your three little monsters to collect an obviously placed heart and then into the mouth a tree… with a face… yeah.

After this short and simple introduction to the game the true nature of this puzzler is revealed as the level is split into windows and placed out of order. This leads to disoriented attempts to gathered the scattered hearts, hit boxes with your head and reach the mouth of the tree.

Where_is_my_Heart-_box_artMany games have dawned the pixel mantle in order to set the mood for their game and Where is My Heart? does this successfully by making these little monsters the most adorable and friendly looking monsters you’ve ever seen.  The game is a work of love by the developers, a feeling of bliss and serenity can be felt as you stride through each level. With each new level the difficulty increases and the skills you have learned through the past levels are put to use as you must determine how to combine the individual strengths of each creature to solve the puzzles that alone would be impossible.

By far the most interesting aspect of the game is the mixed panel perspective; when the level begins certain panels are placed out of order so you must spend a considerable amount of time attempting to figure out how they correspond to the level. This is both disorienting and incredibly challenging as you must trust you’ve made the correction assumptions and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

The Verdict

Overall, the game does exactly what a puzzle ought to do, it challenges you. The game is introduced me to new gameplay I hadn’t run into before and does it with the help of amazing little creatures that understand the meaning of working together and how some obstacles can’t be solved alone. I wondered why the game was named “Where is my Heart?” Was it a question the player was supposed to answer or a question answered by the developer as you play the game because when you play the game you can tell where his heart is.