If you are one of those people that look at a browncoat and think more than “hey that’s a nice coat” and picture space and cowboys then you are probably one of the individuals cries a little every once in a while because you can’t believe Firelfy was cancelled (12 years ago).

If you’ve been itching to get more from firefly and the comics haven’t been doing it for you then the Firefly MMO might be exactly what you need to get your fix… well, maybe it won’t be. There is always a chance it will be good even if what we are first shown isn’t great; the premise for the game is solid: get a ship, hire a crew and make money any way you can. They were even able to get the main cast in on the game, but just because it carries big names (names of characters I care about) does not guarantee a good game.

I am a loyal browncoat and I will be one the people that gets this game when it comes out, but I will look at it with a magnifying glass. This isn’t because I want to find flaws but because I care about Firefly and if someone messes it up unkind words will be had.

I am mostly surprised the game has lasted this long in development without being canceled.