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Gear Up is a simple; free to play,  third person, car driving shooter. The game can be downloaded through the steam market and is open to all computer platforms. You play as a car, with a turret on top ready to gun down opposing turret cars in free for all matches.

Gear Up has a few issues it needs to fix. First the controls are very heavy. What do I mean by heavy is that everything is slow and the response time is awful. The controls are your standard WASD movement controls and you move the mouse to move your turret and left click to shoot. It is surprising how poorly such simple controls were made.

The level design of Gear Up however, is quite well done. It is quite open with very few places for you to hide, so you will always have pressure on you. The game maps also places objects that are well designed for a car based shooter. The maps are covered with lots of ramps and hills between stories. I do feel this allows the game to flow because it encourage lots of movement on your map. Unlike many modern shooters, you can not camp for too long. With limited cover, open space, and multiple ramps the games makes itself a movement based shooter. However, that movement is messed up by the bad controls.

Often the open areas and the movement prevent players from getting too close to one another. So when playing you have to take a lot of time to find an opponent since everyone is moving around so much. The movement based maps helped and hurt in this respect. What ended up happening with a lot of the game is a lot of one on one fights in open areas in between times when people are looking for a bit of cover. Since the controls are not the best this one on one matches are very uncertain the winner won usually because of dumb luck.

However, I do like way you have to gain health. Regenerating breaks the flow in gameplay in all shooters. Gear Up keeps movement going by making you find health packs.

Gear Up also has another positive feature. With custom cars you can change yours cars parts. You can get different guns, you can rockets to fly, you can get legs on your car, and etc. The other great thing about the customization is that the way you mess with your car does make in difference in how you fight.

The game looks fine. Nothing is ugly and nothing is grand. The art style is there by necessity. The game has it’s needed sound effects, nothing is annoying sound wise. There isn’t any music within the game so you will only be hearing the sounds of battle.

The Verdict

In my honest opinion where or not one should download this game, yes. Would I tell you to get this game if it had a price tag, no. And due to the fact it’s free to play, it is easy for many people to get involved.  However, there are almost no open servers and most of them only have a handful of people. At the end of the day advertising really kills this game. No one is on worth playing. So why play a game no one else plays?

If more individuals played, the creators would go about fixing it the issues this game has. The issues can be fixed and if all things were fixed this would be a really fun game.

A lot of effort was put in to make this indie game. I want this game to be better then it is. Gear Up‘s core idea is a lot of fun. Slight issues mess up the game as a whole and with a lack of backing those slight issues will remain that will keep people away from this game.