Visceral Games and DICE announced yesterday that it’s cops and robbers shooter Battlefield: Hardline, originally due in October, will be delayed until early 2015. A posting made by the developers on the Battlefield blog stated that the delay was to “ensure Hardline is the best, most innovative Battlefield experience.” The reason for the delay was for a multitude of reasons. They wanted to make sure that the single player campaign would be something engrossing and deep, something the player’s could really get into. This was something the Battlefield 4 campaign lacked, as it had the story of a generic shooter. This seems to be something Visceral wants to avoid.

The second reason is to create more aspects of Battlefield’s coveted multiplayer mode. After the beta after E3, the community submitted feedback for game modes and ways to improve the cops and criminal aspect of the multiplayer and it seems like the developers are taking that feedback into careful consideration. They want the game to feel unique compared to the other Battlefield games and the community feedback is a great way to start.

The final reason is to work on improving stability. Visceral seems to want to avoid the gigantic cluster that was the Battlefield 4 launch, with consistent server crashes and being unable to connect at all. This was a huge detriment to Battlefield’s 4 reputation and not all the issues have been fixed, even this long after launch. They want to ensure server stability to avoid these issues, which is a good thing. Though it is sad to see he game get delayed, in the long run it could be the best thing for the game so it doesn’t flop like Battlefield 4 did.