Apparently there’s a game in the works called Game Journalism Simulator 2015. I am treating this as hostile action and will not tolerate it.

While I’m not tolerating it, here are the details from an interview with Siliconera: games journalist Jason Evangelho was, for some reason, watching Polygon writer Brian Crecente streaming himself writing an article (side note: why would anyone watch that? Crecente must be really interesting, that’s my only guess) and posted the idea for Game Journalism Simulator 2015 as a joke on his Facebook page. With genuine support from fans as well as inspiration from Dan Amrich’s book ‘Critical Path: How to Review Video Games for a Living,” Evangelho contacted a few of his games journalism peers with the idea and started designing the game.

I’ll be honest, this simulator trend hasn’t made sense to me from day one, but now with this and Rock Simulator 2014 I am fully in the confused territory. Do people actually want to play this? And moreover, it doesn’t seem like a small step between this and people paying to review games, taking away my job. I don’t get it and I don’t like it.