Early Access has been a mixed aspect of Steam for a while now, while some games abuse the system, some games, like Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne, thrive on it. However, it is possible we could be seeing this young style of game design available on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Currently, both major console manufacturers have been pressured to add early access formats to their systems.

Head of ID@Xbox head Charla said the following:

 “It’s something developers have been asking for, and we are listening really closely to developers, but I don’t have anything to announce on that right now. It’s a really interesting issue with digital marketplaces, and it’s something our store and marketplace team think about all the time. There’s a lot of heavy deep thinkers, experts, PhDs working on these problems at Xbox every day – not just for the Xbox store, but for Windows Store and Windows Phone. Our goal is to have a rational marketplace, where good games are visible and sell well.”

Adam Boyes of SCEA also commented on the subject:

“At what point does [a game meet standards of release]? We still at some point ensure that we’re being mindful of the consumer. We don’t want somebody to stumble across that title and expect a full product, and have a negative experience. We’re figuring out what’s okay. We obviously have our tech requirement checklist that people have to adhere to. So we’re internally discussing, ‘what does that list look like this? What are the caveats?’ Stuff like this. So it’s still a project that a lot of minds are considering. No details yet, but it’s something on the top of my mind every day.”

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