Yup, that’s right, there’s going to be another MOBA loose in the world, this time thanks to the folks at CD Projekt Red. And not only that, The Witcher Battle Arena will be on mobile phones of all places.

Look, there’s plenty of snarky, pessimistic things I could say, but I already did that weeks ago in this article, so let’s just get to the facts of this game.

The Witcher Battle Arena will be on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. The game is “designed specifically with mobile devices in mind,” with “short and intense matches.” The game will be free and you can unlock everything in the game by playing and earning in-game resources to get new things, or you can pay for them with real money to speed things up. You will not be playing as Geralt, but you will have access to characters that you’ll recognize from the main series of games. There are eight revealed so far, including the blind mage Philippa Eilhart, the mysterious Operator, and the pint-sized warrior Zoltan Chivay. Each hero has three active abilities, including a “special ability,” as well as a passive skill. There will be two game modes, Arena, a blood-soaked pit where heroes fight to the death, as well as Conquest, a 3v3 match where you work with your team to capture areas to drain opponent’s points total, first to zero points loses.

For the full details, check out the official site here.