Catlateral Damage has managed to get past its Kickstarter goal and the dreams of being the most dickish cat are growing ever closer.

With 12 days yet to go, Catlateral Damage has gained a little over $44k out of the original goal of $40. The remainder of the time will be spent on getting as much stretch goals as possible which include new levels (like supermarket, museum and pet store), a PS4 version, Steam workshop and mystery one yet to be revealed.

Catlateral Damage was conceived by Chris Chung for a game jam. The game places you in the role of cat through first-person view (based off of a real-life cat named Nippy) who has just one goal: knock stuff down and break them. Could be anything from pottery, books, random knick-knacks and televisions. If it can be pushed and broken, it’s getting pushed and broken.

There is a demo of the game if you’d care to try it. You can find it located on the Kickstarter page (linked below).

Source: Kickstarter