I don’t own a Wii U. In fact, not a whole lot of people do. Since its release in November of 2012, the next generation of the Wii brand has entered the homes of just shy of 7 million people, a feat managed by the PS4 and Xbox One in a much smaller increment of time. Wii U is struggling, but if E3 2014 was any indication, things are looking up. The gaming giant made announcements that several interesting looking games are coming to the system.

Frankly, I’m close to sold on the system. After a good year of dodging the hardware, there are some tantalizing tidbits coming to it that I can’t help but be jealous of over and beyond the likes of Bayonetta 2 and The Legend of Zelda.

Here are 5 games coming to Wii U that make a non-owner jealous:

#5 – Devil’s Third

Like houdini, Devil’s Third made its first appearance back in E3 2011. Back then, Itagaki’s vision was a much different beast. Now the game is back, and for some reason, is exclusive to Wii U. The action game from the director of past Ninja Gaiden titles got a make-over, with a speckled protagonist and a less dynamic looking story.

While Devil’s Third looks quite a bit worse than its original trailer back in the day, I’m still excited to try it out. Curse my love of Japanese action games.

#4 – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Originally a mini-game in a recent Mario title, Captain Toad is breaking out with his own full game. Cutesy aesthetic aside, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker looks like a creative and challenging blast. Similar to Fez, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker allows you to spin the puzzling level around to see all sides.

With a goal of simply reaching the end, it leaves a lot of room for interesting challenges to be set up. A focus away from combat is a great touch, meanwhile making the puzzle solving take center stage. At first, I thought little of the title, but as I saw more gameplay at Nintendo’s Treehouse show, I was more and more interested.

#3 – Xenoblade Chronicles X

While totally barred off from playing the original Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii due to the terribly inflated prices, X could be another story. This sequel to the wildly popular Wii game seems to be bringing just as much action as its predecessor. The MMO style combat, and vast fantasy landscape to explore seem like real hour-sinkers.

I originally had no interest in another RPG, but after seeing the gameplay during the Nintendo Treehouse event, I was compelled. Free roaming live action combat puts this into a category of JRPG that I really enjoy. This one should be a showstopper.

#2 – Hyrule Warriors

While the emergence of a new The Legend of Zelda game is certainly something to turn heads at, I was infinitely more interested in the lesser discussed title in the series, Hyrule Warriors. A take on the Zelda franchise never seen before, Hyrule Warriors is being developed by Dynasty Warriors team Tecmo Koei. Obviously, this leads to a Zelda game very much reflective of that style. I’m very much a fan of that.

The game features multiple playable characters, spanning the entire Universe of the series. This is a totally new direction for the series. I think I’m more excited about that than anything else.

#1 #1 –¬†Super Smash Bros. Wii U

This list couldn’t be complete without the ultimate Nintendo title: Super Smash Bros. The newest game in the series was one of the best looking games of E3, and probably got more coverage than anything else show-wide. Starting with glorious reveals during Nintendo direct, to a very fun tournament later that night, there was never a time to stop thinking about the game.

I always assumed I’d be content with the 3DS version of Smash, with its great modes like Smash Run, but there was something missing. The amazing graphics, the feel of a gamecube controller in my hands, and more will be all but lost. While the 3DS version of the game is no slouch, and will do well for hours of solo play in fun modes, there is no doubt my home needs to be on Smash on the Wii U. My baby calls me.

Damn it, I’m definitely getting one.

What games are you jealous of on the Wii U? What games would put you over the edge? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!