Oculus has been on a hiring spree as of late and they have acquired two new members from the Video Game industry.

The first person to join is Jason Rubin, co-founder of The Last of Us studio Naughty Dog and key executive there until 2004, has joined Oculus as the VR company’s new head of worldwide studios. Rubin was briefly THQ president before the firm’s bankruptcy, and is known at Naughty Dog for many big-name game franchises such as Crash Bandicoot & Jak & Daxter, all for PlayStation platforms.

He issued a statement saying “The team at Oculus has been working to push the boundaries of what’s possible with hardware and software,” he noted. “I’m excited to bring together a new division dedicated to building high-quality VR content that helps define the platform and inspire others to do the same.”

The second big name is Supergiant Games’ senior programmer Chris Jurney who has left the company to work for Oculus on its new Rift virtual reality system.

Chris Jurney released a tweet saying “at the end of the month to help make VR awesome.” he also released another statement saying “I’ve always wanted to work in VR,” said Jurney in an email interview with Polygon. “Part of the way I ended up talking to Oculus is because of a mid-party rant at GDC about how my primary religion is VR, The Lawnmower Man is one of my favorite movies, and how I can’t wait to abandon my meat sack for a full time virtual existence. I spent 100s of hours in a VFX1 headset in college wandering around Quake 1 looking forward to better future VR that never materialized.

“I think we’re on the cusp of truly great fully immersive virtual experiences, and I want to help make that a reality. I’ll be on a small team doing prototypes, which is my favorite type of work. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands dirty in virtual space.”

Oculus has acquired more big talent as well, like Kenneth Scott, Aaron Nicholls and Michael Abrash all joining the VR team.