At this year’s E3, we were given a more in-depth peek at the upcoming spin-off Hyrule Warriors by Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. While we already knew from past trailers that we’d get to play as Link and Impa, Nintendo presented us with two other characters at E3 2014: Midna and Zelda. Of course, being a Dynasty Warriors-like game, we all know that there has to be more characters than that. Who else could end up on the roster? What would they be like in combat? I came up with a possible 10 that we may see.

Remember: these descriptions are not anything revealed. These are based purely on my imagination of what they could be.


ganon1. Ganondorf

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Ganondorf would be a possible pick on the roster–even though he hasn’t been revealed yet. It just wouldn’t be a Legend of Zelda game if we didn’t have the Demon King himself. As far as how the dark-hearted Gerudo would play, Nobunaga Oda from Samurai Warriors came to me as a form of inspiration. Wielding his large broadsword, Ganondorf would be about average when it comes to his speed. however, his sword would be able to reach a bit longer than some others and, being the one who wields the Triforce of Power, his strength would be quite impressive. I’d also imagine, as a move similar to Zelda’s light arrow attack from the demo, he could quickly transform into his demon form to knock swathes of enemies away.



2. Daruniadarunia

From Ocarina of Time, a game of this caliber always needs a close-range bruiser of a character. The jovial Darunia, ruler of the Gorons, would fit that bill nicely. As I said, Darunia would be a close-range fighter that uses his fists in combat to do impressive amounts of damage (perhaps even knocking Bokoblins away with a single blow). Due to his massive girth, he would be quite slow, but have a nice defense stat. However, as you learn new attack combinations (assuming that they are utilizing that; I’d imagine they would have new combos), Darunia could learn some attacks that hit within a certain radius of him thus bypassing his minor amount of range.




vaati3. Vaati

My idea of how the Minish sorcerer would appear would be akin to his first form in the final fight of The Minish Cap. For those who don’t recall, Vaati appeared as a tall, slender man who had four magical orbs surrounding him. These orbs would be his main source of attack if he were in Hyrule Warriors. As a sorcerer, Vaati would be weaker in certain areas so he would need to have long-range attacks that could keep enemies at bay–cue the magical orbs. Vaati could command these orbs in combat to knock the enemy around and could even be used to fire magical beams in a chain of attacks.



4. Onoxonox

Played Oracle of Seasons? You may remember the villain of that game, Onox. In the same vein as Darunia, Onox would also be a bruiser-type character who has little speed but pretty good defense. However, what sets Onox apart from Darunia is his attack range since Onox wields a giant flail. As a way to set him apart from Darunia, I feel like Onox, who wears a ton of armor, would be much slower than the Goron which would potentially open him up to attacks a bit more.




ruto5. Ruto

We need to have a Zora in the mix and, thus, I think Ruto, everyone’s favorite tsundere princess from the Zelda series, would fit in nicely. Games in the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors games always have spear wielders which is where Ruto comes in. This may be a little cliche, but I would have Ruto equipped with a trident. This opens her up for some impressive range. Her attack, of course, would be slightly weaker than some but attack combos could provide her with some opportunities for multiple hits a la’ Yukimura from Samurai Warriors.



6. Sheiksheik

Yeah I know…Zelda is Sheik and Zelda’s already in the game, but why not? I’d think that if one were going for straight speed, Sheik would be the character that you’d want. Since Sheik didn’t do a lot of anything in Ocarina of Time besides guide you around and teach you songs, I pulled inspiration for her combat style from Smash Bros. games were she is lightning-fast. Either using her own two hands or, possibly, daggers, Sheik would be diving all over the place in combat and be tossing around multitudes of combo action on the Dark Forces. While she may not do a ton of damage with each strike, those hits will add up pretty quickly.



ghirahim7. Ghirahim

Hailing from Skyward Sword, I thought the idea of Ghirahim would be interesting when I remembered his sword from the final fight with him. If you recall, Ghirahim’s sword first starts out as a rapier/scimitar but can then turn into a broadsword. In Dynasty Warrior games, I remember that you have two different attacks: quicker, weaker ones and slower, stronger ones (which I believe turned into charging attacks). Usually, these are used with the same weapon but I wondered if Ghirahim could use the two forms of his sword to make a bit of versatility for him. In a way, it’d be like him having two different weapons and the qualities of these two forms could make for interesting combo attacks.



8. Naboorunabooru

Speaking of those who can chain attacks together, if you’re a sword wielder then I’d think Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit from Ocarina of Time would be a nice addition to the roster. Wielding two scimitars as she does in the manga associated with the aforementioned game, Nabooru would be able to chain attacks together much better than other sword wielding characters. She wouldn’t be on par with Sheik and her speed, but the extra strength that comes with using swords could still help turn the tide in your favor during battles.



yuga9. Yuga

From A Link Between Worlds, Yuga would be a more physical-type of sorcerer unlike Vaati. Yuga comes with a staff which he can use to attack in close combat. However, that wouldn’t mean Yuga is out when it comes to using more magical-based, long-ranged attacks. I’d think that, at some point, Yuga could learn combo strings that would allow him to fire magical waves on the final strike to knock back lines of enemies. Since he also uses a fire pillar attack, that could be utilized during a strong attack-jump combination. Yuga, in some ways, could be a decent representation of both long-range and short-range attacks.



10. Tingle

I have no clue, but you can’t tell me that this wouldn’t be interesting to see.



Who else would you like to see appear on the Hyrule Warriors roster? How do you imagine they’d play like? Comment down below.