Mega Pokemon made their debut in the 6th generation of the globally popular Pokemon franchise. These beasts are magical additional forms of already powerful Pokemon boasting new abilities and stat bonuses. In Pokemon X and Y, there were a collection of Mega forms of Pokemon that spanned multiple generations.

Now, on November 21st, 2014, we are seeing a continuation of the Mega Pokemon storyline in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Several Mega Pokemon have already been revealed, including the three 3rd generation starters, as well as Sableye and new Pokemon Dancie.

If we are seeing the return of the Ruby and Sapphire Pokedex, here are 10 Hoenn based Pokemon that could really use the Mega form treatment. This list only includes Pokemon from that generation, whereas there are other generations that will have some representation. All examples of Mega forms listed here are purely opinion:

#1 – Milotic

In the first round of Mega Pokemon, Gyarados saw its brand new Mega form, which boasted a Water/Dark type combination. Based on that, naturally Gyarados’ 3rd generation opposite, Milotic, will see itself brandishing a new form as well.

Milotic is already a defensive powerhouse in the competitive UU metagame. A Mega form could further set her stance as the opposite of Gyarados by gaining the new (and quite powerful) Fairy type. Furthermore, she could gain the powerful ability Multiscale and boost her defensive stats.

#2 – Slaking

Slaking is a cursed powerhouse. With his spectacular damage potential, he is held back by Traunt, and ability that causes him to rest in-between turns. This makes him practically useless other than fast and strong hits.

Mega Slaking could do away with Traunt in exchange for a more useful ability such as Sheer Force or No Guard. Slaking could take up a fully attentive stance like his pre-evolved form Vigoroth. Likewise, he could see a slight speed and attack power boost.

#3 – Exploud

Exploud earned a brand new weapon in the form of Boomburst. This 120 power, 100 accuracy STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) move is lethal in combination with it’s good special attack stat and access to Scrappy. Short of resisting Normal, most Pokemon are hit supremely hard by a life orb Boomburst from the obnoxious beast.

A mega form of Exploud could be as simple as adding more holes for him to shoot sound from. Giving him a nice boost to his stats all around could see Exploud being a much more daunting opponent without changing anything else in particular.

#4 – Sharpedo

The mean shark machine Sharpedo gained the ability Speed Boost in recent gens. This superb ability grants the glass cannon of a Pokemon a +1 speed boost at the end of every turn. That combined with its collection of powerful STAB moves could make an unchecked Sharpedo a pretty fierce enemy.

Mega Sharpedo could shoot it’s stats through the roof while keeping Speed Boost, much like Mega Blaziken. Its appearance could set it up to look even more like a torpedo, or some sort of submarine. A sharp attack stat boost and some defensive boosts paired with Speed Boost could make Sharpedo a game changer.

#5 – Wailord

Practically the opposite, but also similar to Sharpedo, Wailord contains a lot of hidden power beneath its layers of blubber. The largest Pokemon also possesses one of the greatest HP stats in the game. Additionally, with moderate attack stats the goliath can cause considerable damage with a fully charged Water Spout.

Mega Wailord could see some new designs on its body, while looking more menacing. A boost to the creature’s paper thin defensive stats and moderate attack stats could make it a monster. No need to even touch that HP stat. Likewise, a new ability like Regenerate could make its Water Spouting capabilities bar none.

#6 – Kecleon

Kecleon has a great gift in one of the games best offensive abilities, Protean. Held only by the formidable Greninja, Protean forces the user to change its type to the type of whatever move it is about to use. Essentially, all moves used give a wicked stat bonus. Likewise, frequently changing types can confuse the other player, and pose a strategic advantage.

The issue is, Kecleon doesn’t have the stats or movepool to make proper use of this great ability. Perhaps Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire could see some new moves added to Kecleon’s repertoire. A new Mega form could add more spikes and swirls, meanwhile giving significant stat buffs. If Kecleon gets all of this and keeps Protean, it could go much farther than it’s current standing allows.

#7 – Salamence

In Pokemon X and Y, Garchomp saw a new Mega-Evolution. While not the strongest new form by any means, it set the precedent that perhaps we could see a Mega form of Hoenn’s psuedo Legendary.

Much like Garchomps’, Salamence could get a Mega form that changes how the character is played. Now as a mixed sweeper, a Mega Salamence could feature more of the shelling of the previous evolutionary forms. We could get a slower, but significantly bulkier Salamence that could be used for entirely different purposes.

#8 – Delcatty

Delcatty was one of the harder Pokemon to obtain back in the Ruby and Sapphire days. The main issue was, after obtaining it, it did little good with its weak movepool and low stats.

A new form for Delcatty could have it totally adopt the Fairy typing. Meanwhile, the cat could gain an ability like Adaptability for a damage boost, or something more defensive like Natural Cure. Delcatty’s bell around its neck could become much larger, forming a defensive shield around the Pokemon.

#9 – Torkoal

Torkoal is one of the more interesting members of the Hoenn Pokedex. While appearing rarely, but pretty early on in the 3rd generation games, it saw little use. It’s ok stats held back its actually very impressive movepool. Having Eruption and Shell Smash to wield could do wonders for Torkoals abilities if it were stronger.

Much like Cloyster, a Mega Torkoal could have defense to spare for one or two Shell Smashes. It could gain the Sturdy ability, making at least one of those deadly power up moves guaranteed. Visually, Torkoal could develop more volcanoes on its back.

#10 – Flygon

One of the coolest Hoenn Pokemon, Flygon is already pretty powerful. With it’s dragon and ground typing, combine with levitate, it is able to avoid a lot of strong moves and dish out its own. Unfortunately, Flygon is not quite strong enough to keep up in the metagame as it did back in 4th gen. What used to be a reliable scarf sweeper and revenge killer is reduced to second rate.

A Mega form could increase the attack stats of Flygon. Visually, there could be a lot that could be done to alter the Pokemon’s appearance. A cool path to take would to focus on the locust theme that Vibrava already has. A bug looking Dragon Pokemon could be cool to have. Hell, while it would be weaker, it could even adopt a bug typing.

What Pokemon would you like to see go Mega in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Leave a comment below with your picks!