After the TIME leak just before Nintendo’s E3 conference, Miyamoto did just as expected and revealed that a brand new Star Fox game is being made for Wii U.Behind closed doors, journalists got a hands on with the game and some have shared some details on the game.

The game is one of Miyamoto’s three “gamepad initiative” titles. That being said, the game will heavily use the gamepad, which will display a first person view from the ship. Meanwhile, the television will show the standard behind the ship view. This allows players to shoot in any direction without having to move the ship. The views will be able to be swapped if desired.

Before, in the N64 [game’s] levels, when we had these valley modes, it was difficult to play those levels because the aiming was synced to the movement of the ship. So, as you were trying to aim, the movement of the ship was flying around within the valley. But now what we’re able to do with the Wii U GamePad is, because the ship can move independently of your aiming, it makes it much more interesting and much more fun to play these valley modes where you’re flying the ship but simultaneously aiming at a lot of different things in the level.

The demo of the game contained 3 levels. One of which involved Fox fighting alongside friends Falco and Slippy. Players can swap between the Arwing and the Landmaster by clicking the joysticks. The first mode of the game seems to be an arena mode. The second involved a face off with series mainstay Star Wolf. The final mode seems more interesting, as players team up with a friend as they control a helicopter and attempt to take down a Kaiju attacking a city. One player controls the helicopter while the other controls the guns.

As far as the release goes, Miyamoto stated that the game should be released in the next year. Nintendo is currently looking for “development partners” for the project, similar to how Namco is helping the development of Super Smash Bros.

Miyamoto stated that they originally weren’t planning on revealing Star Fox Wii U at E3 this year, but did so as a tactic to motivate the developers to work more quickly. Boy, did it work, as Wii U fans are already ready in droves to play this game.