All good things must come to an end, and with the doors now closed and the sun setting over the Los Angeles Convention Center, the epicenter of E3 2014, its over.

Though as the crowds thinned, shuffling out the exits, already knowin where all of our focus and energies would be next year, with the sign hanging over the door (see above) greeted us letting us know that we only had 369 days before our trip back to the City of Angels for E3 2015. The lights will be turned on for E3 2015 on June 16 through June 18. Mark your calendars now.

Next year could be the last for E3 in Los Angeles, as the contract with the convention center expires. At a dinner earlier this week, Michael Gallagher, CEO and ESA President stated that “other top-tier cities” were being considered for the show in 2016 and beyond.

Where ever the show is at, you can bet that KaboomShark and it’s dedicated staff will be there to cover it all. The show maybe over , but we still have many news, thoughts, and opinions to share of E3 2014. So stay with KaboomShark for more coverage of E3 2014, and of course all the latest news, thought provoking articles, and take care of all your gaming information. You can get more updates of our latest coverage of E3 2014 here and here.