Starting 10 hours into the game, the E3 press conference for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt showed Geralt hunting down a dangerous Griffin. He started out in the middle of the woods and was able to set up a camp to select and prepare gear for the hunt, specific to his prey. He brewed potions and prepared a crossbow with special bolts that kept the veins of the griffin open once shot.

Approaching the beast, Geralt used his enhanced hearing to track the beast and sneak up on it, firing his bleeding bolt into the beast. It flew away, but the blood trail was highlighted in Geralt’s vision. Tracking the beast, he came across thugs attacking an herbalist’s hut. After dispatching the brigands with spell and steel, the herbalist gave him thanks and opened a new quest that could be accessed later in the game.

When he found the beast’s roost, it stopped running and turned to fight. Geralt fought and killed the beast using his crossbow, sword, and spells. The screen faded to black before the killing blow was struck, but then we see him riding into town with the beasts gruesome head tied to his horse, ready to be turned in for the reward.